What if Hip Sexy Cool People of All Ages Are Using My Church as their Cheap Date?

Is Your Rockin’ Worship Service Being Used as a Totally Free Date?

No date with destiny is totally free.  There is no cheap date, somebody has to pay. Nothing is free, even if it is on Sunday morning at church.  Having followers can be expensive, just look at Jesus, his little congregation cost him his life. The next time you let the basket pass you by empty remember that it costs money to provide the sacred space you enjoy.

It costs money for the conditioned air pumped through the massive building and into your precious lungs. Rest rooms require 24/7 maintenance. Premises liability insurance premiums are outrageous. Do you have any idea how much the new carpet and paint job cost your church? It is not a cheap date to operate and maintain commercial real property.

It is not a cheap date to run a church. Don’t let the basket fool you, the utility companies don’t pass the basket to churches, having a spiritual roof over your head is expensive. 

So why do I see well-dressed and well-fed sexy looking people let the karma-basket of life pass them by?  My first guess is that casual observers believe that the church they have dropped into is rich and making lots of money.  No church is rich and making lots of money these days. Churches got hit harder than anyone by the economic re-positioning. 

If you are attending a church service with a friend then that is a date, kinda-sorta. The point is it is not karmicaly cool to totally crash a party without paying a penny.  It is not really ethical or moral either. Everyone should be self-supporting through their own contributions and not be a stress of any kind upon their neighbor.  Totally crashing a party without even tossing in a few bucks is just wrong.  

Think about if you were putting on the show.  Wouldn’t you want people to at least help you pay for the astronomical electrical bill for putting on a small rock show? Nothing is free.  The basket does not mean voluntary it means pay the piper like a good citizen. 

Church Pop Shows Are Not a Cheap Date

Church rock gospel shows should be viewed in line with the typical going rate for a commercial rock show.  Big time rock shows are expensive.  Let’s just price a major artists show ticket at $100.  Then wouldn’t a Sunday church service with a rock band be worth at least $10 per person?  I think it would be worth at least $10 for any church service I have ever been to with a semi-pro band and large congregation in the Los Angeles area. 

The next time you are sitting in a church service remember that it took an investment of love and labor to create the sacred space you are enjoying. Church was not created as a cheap date.  It was to give you the pearl of great price: Communion with the Divine. Priceless. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.