Plaintiff Herriot’s Application for Ex Parte TRO Against Defendant McAdams


Re: Herriot v. McAdams
Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 1606 342

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Dear Mr. Sherron:

Your Application for Temporary Restraining Order to Circumvent Megan’s Law alleges that many homosexual men denounce CMEN. It is not surprising that Plaintiff John Herriot’s plan to circumvent Megan’s Law registration is being opposed by some members of CMEN. Many gay men are also fathers and due to the danger Herriot poses to the community as a tier-one as a violent criminal, it is only natural that many gay and bisexual naturist men in SEMEN would not want to be a part of Herriot’s plan to circumvent Megan’s Law Website registration for travelling pedophiles.

What are the names of the gay or bisexual men who wisely choose to avoid all possible contact with your client and registered child copulator Herriot? It will be very important to separate the pedophile members of CMEN from the 99.99% of CMEN who are probably not practicing pedophiles or child pornographers. Please be advised that many heterosexual and pansexual men may also be opposed to your client’s multi-jurisdictional child sex trafficking operation. The law does not state that because Herriot is gay only other gay men must denounce him. In my informed opinion a vile predator such as Herriot is subject to denouncement by any person regardless of race, gender, religious or non-religious affiliation or transgender induced adolescent homosexual fantasies. In other words, you don’t have to be gay to denounce John Herriot, but it helps.  

The Main CMEN Practicing Pedophiles
Attempting to Circumvent Megan’s Law Compliance:

richard n. boehle

John Karl Herriot aka John Herriott, John Harrotphiladelphia pedophilia
Richard N. Boehle aka CMEN Mr. Leather
Jeff Calvert, Esq. aka Miss Idaho
Charles Kenyon, Jr. aka Philly SEMEN
Steve Fuji aka Schoolboy Steve


If your client is amenable to producing signed non-predation waivers from any non-pedophile members of CMEN, Defendant/Cross-Complainant McAdams could greatly expedite this litigation by relieving these cross-defendants of any and all liability for the conduct of Herriot and his co-conspirators. If Herriot does not agree to producing the identities of self-admitted non-traffickers, then the parties should begin depositions immediately. If your client is amenable the parties to this litigation could conduct the depositions naked at Plaintiff’s gay nudist Starland Retreat Center in Yucca Valley. Do you think nudity will be a problem with the child witnesses during their depositions?  Maybe the parties could conduct the depositions in Tennessee where there will be less public and law enforcement scrutiny.

Due to the fact that your client’s SEMEN witnesses are spread all over the country, Defendant/Cross-Complainant has begun a cross-defendant SEMEN matrix to keep track of the logistics in this complex case. By Defendants estimation there will be approximately 457 cross-defendants to be served with Defendant/Cross-Complainant Dean McAdams’ Summons on Cross-Complaint in response to your ex parte application for TRO. If Plaintiff Herriot is amenable Defendant/Cross-Complainant McAdams could just file and serve his Summons and Cross-Complaint right here on this website. Here, you are served John Herriot!

Please be advised that your client’s allegations that he is afraid of physical attack by McAdams are unfounded and malicious. Defendant is a sixty-year old triple bypass open heart surgery survivor.  Defendant is in constant pain from shingles and is not a physical threat to anyone. Defendant drives a thirteen year old Sentra with a blown head-gasket and can barely take care of himself so please stop your client’s harassing and oppressive defamation of Defendant’s character. You are egregiously harming Defendant’s reputation as a high profile domestic companion in the resort mecca of Palm Springs. Please request your client to cease and desist in all representations that Defendant is intending to harm you in this regard. Because of this slander and libel by Mr. Herriot Defendant is forced to take the battle to the enemy. You have harmed Defendant and now you leave Defendant no choice other than to cross-complain against Herriot’s massively illegal conduct. This entire lawsuit is the result of Herriot’s representations that Jeff Calvert, Esq authorized Charles Kenyon’s claims that a restraining order has been issued in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There is no restraining order issued against defendant McAdams in any jurisdiction. Sir, must your client also slander the City of Brotherly love and final resting place of Benjamin Franklin, the father of American publishing and icon of free speech?.

Your application also alleges that Defendant McAdams has no bona fide actual goals other than to destroy Plaintiff Herriot.  Actually, after Plaintiff has been destroyed, Defendant will use information obtained during the discovery process regarding Plaintiff’s human trafficking activities in the boylover club to amend Megan’s Law. Your client may not be able to see all of Defendants goals at present because these goals are still evolving. Defendant may even create some type of new career for himself. One thing is for damn sure, Defendant’s typing skills are improving markedly as a direct result of your client’s boy lover club human trafficking operation. 

The bona fide goals of Defendant are to prevent Plaintiff from using his two week residency in Malibu to circumvent megan’s law registration in West Hollywood. Plaintiff Herriot must also be deterred from using his Whispering Oaks Retreat Center in Hampshire, TN to avoid out-of-state residency registration requirements per Megan’s Law Website compliance.

Defendant McAdams short term bona fide actual goals are to use your client as a muse of sorts.  If you can read this then apparently it is working. Herriot is a nascent nemesis transmuting my sexual and emotional energy into these stream-of-consciousness blogs about violent criminal John Herriot. Thanks to Mr. Herriot I am masturbaing less and enjoying it more. The liability of my relationship with John Herriot has been transformed into an asset by writing these articles about human trafficking in the vast and lawless California desert.

The actual bona fide goals of Defendant are not just to destroy Plaintiff economically and politically as your memorandum indicates. The bona fide actual goals requested on page 3, line 18 of your TRO application are to amend Megan’s Law Website registration requirements for vacation and out-of-state residence information. Your client is in non-compliance and either Herriot needs to bring his addresses into compliance on the Megan’s Law Website or the law will need to be tightened up to somehow prevent Herriot’s vacation and out-of-state attempts to circumvent Megan’s Law. In other words Defendant is attempting to prevent Plaintiff from violently raping fourteen year-old Sephardic Jewish boys at Camp Shalom Malibu. Herriot is a real latin boy-eater who prefers fourteen year-old Mexicans, once these peds like John get a taste of spicy brown meat, they’ll never eat anything else again.

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.