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Poster Boys for City Council Corruption

Palm Springs City Council corruption is epitomized by Councilperson JR Roberts crimes of moral turpitude against public law and interest. This gay snake oil salesman is fraudulence personified. These charlatans think that they can just come out to the desert and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. It’s time for a citizen wake up call to the cheap tactics of desert predators stalking the oasis.

Style It With Class:  There is nothing wrong with development or revitalization. There is something wrong with four stories in a laid back desert resort town reflecting the Southwest style and attitude. Wessman’s obtrusive West Elm store looks like a Westfield Mall entrance. Is there a mall in the plans? Palm Springs just looks really bad these days. Nobody from the Coachella Music scene really hangs out in PS and I don’t blame them. No cool people I know are retiring in the desert, most people that want to have fun seem to be headed to Florida. We need a real gay designer and not a fake one like JR Roberts.

SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE | Private Hitler’s War | Mr. Roberts misrepresents himself as a respected architect with UCLA credentials and years of experience in municipal planning and government.  That is not true. Whatever Jon Reuben Roberts is, he is definitely not a UCLA architect. But he is good at photo opportunities. The photo of JR Roberts “the architect” reminds me of private Adolph Hitler planning the invasion of Russia for his bemused generals.  Here’s a box of Hitler’s harmonica’s recently discovered behind a secret door in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

No More PR From JR: JR Roberts is part of years of City Council corruption in which hundreds of millions of dollars in public money have been diverted into the greedily grabbing hands of corrupt bribe soliciting developer John Wessman. The citizens of PS are being ripped-off by crooked politicians and media shills like Hank Plante of KMIR-TV are in the shell game with them. Plante is giving editorials on KMIR as if he were an attorney, telling the public that there was no “intent” by Pougnet to harm the citizens of PS. Plante is not an attorney and no intent is required.  Pougnet and Wessman are going to prison no matter what gay cheerleader Plante says on TV. Mayor Moon and his cronies are trying to cover up their wrongdoing by releasing public announcements that all is well in the corrupt construction zone known as downtown Palm Springs, California. 

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Drain the Oasis

JR Roberts and the city council have violated California’s environmental review laws setting limits in their general and specific plans. The significant impact that Wessman’s violations of height restrictions and his ridiculous 32′ setback on West Elm may require mitigation. The city exceeded the limits on its downtown plan and concluded on its own that there was no significant environmental effect in doing so. Even John Wessman said that the setback should have been 20 more feet because West Elm is “in his face.”

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EXCERPT: Interview with Judy Deertrack
CV INDEPENDENT | March 24, 2017 

There were some attempts by the city to clean up the mess, correct?

Judy Deertrack: That awful specific plan cleanup … in January 2016 was the tail wagging the dog! … The city over time absolutely bastardized the development restrictions on this project, and now City Hall is bragging they have cut the size by 49 percent. How unique! This sounds like a retail fire sale where the prices are increased 100 percent, and then cut back 50 percent, and we are told we just got a bargain.

What can be done to remedy this downtown quagmire?

This city and its citizens should be demanding change—a lot of change—and a lot of explanation for what has happened. Instead, we are allowing ourselves to be bullied and hoodwinked. The citizens of Palm Springs have been far too compliant with this outrage. Part of the problem is that no one is demanding information. Virtually no one is challenging the inconsistencies and untruths that abound on the public record. Just a few have stood up—too few!

If you were on the City Council, what would you do?

It is an obligation of the sitting City Council to first order a full accounting of expenditures and funds from Wessman on the project to date. Then, audit all accounts, and confer with the state of California on compromised public funds, such as municipal bonds or subsidies. Identify notification responsibilities to the bond-holders. The city has not acknowledged these obligations to date.

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