Paralegals Were Invented by Civil Rights Attorneys to Advance Society

The First Paralegals Were Civil Rights Paralegals

The very first paralegals were civil rights paralegals. Forward thinking civil rights attorneys needed a legal manpower intensive force for change in the early 1960’s. So these visionary civil rights lawyers invented the non-attorney position of paralegal to fill the void. Therefore the first paralegals were civil rights paralegals created to facilitate social change. Civil rights paralegals of the 1960’s were the first paralegals ever created. Soon thereafter the private sector picked up on the power of using paralegals to work for causes other than civil rights.

Once a Civil Rights Paralegal Always a Civil Rights Paralegal

Call me old fashioned but I have a love of civil rights paralegal even while working as an independent contract litigation paralegal. I once worked for noted civil rights attorney Catherine Campbell of Fresno, California. Thanks to Ms. Campbell’s law practice Fresno is a hotbed of civil rights litigation and lawsuits in California today. Ms. Campbell represents native Americans and members of the Indian Nations in state and federal litigation. Campbell tried to get me to file fraudulent pleadings in Los Angeles Superior Court related to minor children. I refused to do it. The whole assignment was entrapment by law enforcement agents and/or representatives of the California State Bar. My investigation leads me to believe that Santa Monica attorney Brian Lysaght was behind the whole charade. 

I first wrote this article you are reading as creative content and legal search engine optimization. Now I am editing it for what it really is. This article is really an investigative report on the inactive attorney status of Ms. Campbell. Apparently Ms. Campbell was merely baiting me at the behest of Brian Lysaght and the California State Bar. 

Ms. Campbell also practices family law and native American adoption. Civil rights paralegals working for Ms. Campbell practice in Fresno and Los Angeles counties. American Indian divorce law and osc re modification by Ms. Campbell’s Fresno office is handled by civil rights paralegals working in Los Angeles. Civil rights paralegals and Catherine Campbell have a long history together. Ms. Campbell was one of the very first civil rights attorneys and paralegals were created by civil rights attorneys in the 1960’s.

Resurgence of the Civil Rights Paralegal

A modern resurgence of the 1960’s civil rights paralegal has been seen recently on the American political landscape. Social consciousness is evolving at such a rapid pace that legal authority has a hard time keeping up with it. For example the evolution of same sex marriage laws and statutes seems slow because we are living in it. But step back for a moment and marvel at the sweeping social and legal scope of same sex marriage. Even in the turbulent and fast changing times of the 1960’s civil rights did not happen this quickly. Now twenty first century civil rights paralegals are working hard to continue to bring far reaching social change to law and marriage.