Last OC Bear Pool Party of the Year

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to an open-invitation clothing-optional pool party with lots of big sexually aggressive men coming after you?  The last Orange County Bear Pool Party of the season is tomorrow, Sunday October 14, 2018 and it only costs ten dollars to get in.  Mark & Greg post this sex party on Craigslist and elsewhere so they should appreciate this article promoting their highly educational bathhouse style event. 

This website strives to open your mind to a higher level of consciousness however most visitors want to explore gay anal sex.  So if you have never been to a Southern California bear pool party this would be a nice wholesome introduction to gay life for you.  Make sure to bring your own condoms and lubricant. 

Black man fucking white boy

First Timer’s Okay

This website is mainly about the politics of religion butt gay anal sex gets the most traffic on the Internet.  Most parties that are this exciting usually require mandatory nudity.  However this is an entry-level venue for gay sexual exploration and is clothing-optional.  This is a good starter event for straight or bisexual men who are curious about what actual gay sex is all about.

nude gay bear pool party

THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WEBSITE | Butt Gay Sex Gets the Traffic

The purpose of this article is to call attention to the fact that no matter how much I write about God consciousness and meditation, gay sex & pornography attracts the largest numbers of visitors to this site.  I would never post this article on Facebook, Twitter or even risque Google+.   Men will find this article purely on the strength of my SEO.  For the past two months my viewers have been hard hitting the featured image of this article and also this one:

There Are Men Waiting to Teach You

All though there are many men who are willing give you hands on gay experience, I am not one of them.  My job is chief communications officer.  My sexual mentor Dr.  Paul Allen, obgyn may be participating in this learning event tomorrow in Santa Ana, California.  What are you waiting for?  This is your big opportunity to find out what it is all about.  No RSVP necessary.  These bathhouse style parties can be invaluable therapeutic learning experiences.  This is cheaper and much more social that a cold sterile commercial bathhouse. 

learning gay anal sex


It does get crowded in the bear pool party sex play room.  Five years ago in order to move my body in the packed room I had to elbow a fully-clothed African-American gentleman out of my way and tell him: “Get out of my way.”  He was an inhibited boy too afraid to take off his clothes but he was right there sticking his black nose into guys having sex.   Will you also let this gay bear pool party opportunity pass you by?

Stretch out your life to the fullest by experimenting with the body mind soul that God is in you.  How far will you go today?  I thought this was all spiritual mumbo-jumbo until it all started happening in my life.