Clothing Optional Pool Party

Tomorrow at the 4th of July all-male nude gay pool party I will bring my bathrobe so that I can lounge outdoors when it gets cool in the evening instead of going inside into the living room.  Last Sunday evening when it got cold I felt like lounging in the living room which been converted into the sex play room.  The play room is not a good place for me to lay down and rest.  At gay nudist gatherings it is customary to bring a robe for evening and early morning attire.  Last Sunday I noticed a chaise lounge that didn’t appear to be used by anyone for the whole party.  Tomorrow at the 4th of July party I will stake out out a spot to put my things and settle in to spend the night that is located a safe distance from the play areas.  

clothing optional gay pool party

Clothing Optional. (Notice backpack straps of the top)

Clothing Optional vs. Nudism

Most gay nudism is not pure nudism.  Most gay nudism is really about sex.  I am a pure nudist who is into both.  You would think that the hyper-sexuality of gay life would make the concept of gay nudism an oxymoron but it isn’t.  In other words some gay men are not into nudism and may actually even discriminate against nudists in general and some gay men even discriminate against other gay men who are nudists.  I can usually tell how much fun I am having by how many people are discriminating against me.

pure nudism

Pure Nudism.

Pure Nudism vs. Non-Pure Nudism

This summer I have been privileged to be invited to a standing weekly pool party hosted by three men living together in a trilateral love relationship.  Only one of these men is a nudist.  The other two guys keep their shorts on during the entire party.  Some men’s gatherings require mandatory nudism but not the gay pool party I will be going to tomorrow. 

nude gay pool party

Non-Pure Nudism.

Mandatory Nudity Gay Pool Parties of the Past

For years I only went to California Men Enjoying Naturism 4th of July gay pool parties and they are paid events with a strict mandatory nudism policy.  I was really missing those mandatory nudity gay pool parties hosted by CMEN so I guess the universe heard my cry of loneliness and gave me my new weekly clothing optional free gay pool party.  The CMEN parties were only four or five times a year and always packed.  This new party is every Sunday and only a few old guys are there. 

nude gay pool party blow job

Using Discretion at the Next Gay Pool Party

It becomes important for me to use discretion and discernment in my conduct during these little suburban soirees. These days I am always the tastiest morsel at the table of heinous homosexual depravity.  Prior to last Sunday it had been over a year since I have been with another man.  At the gay pool party last week I jumped right back into it and found myself spent halfway through the evening. From now on I will exhibit my recent refinements and sophistication in the area of sexual and emotional comportment. I take very good care of my 61 year old body and am usually the youngest and best looking cowgirl at the rodeo.

This week I am working on creating the template for an experiential program of gay tantra in LA.  Today’s article on gay tantric pool parties is part of my promotional package for this program.  One of the most important components of my gay tantra program today is fund raising.

gay anal sex instructional position

Holding Out for Total Top Perfection This Saturday Night

When looking for a gay lover it is important to first know who you are and what you like.  I am a total bottom.  Then it is important to know what you want.  I am an enthusiastic total bottom and I hold out for power tops.  I just made a date with a Silverdaddy that really has me turned on.  He is a 6 foot tall dominant top wit a 9″ cock that is 6.5″ in circumference.  He interviewed me to ascertain that I was appropriately submissively and then totally turned me on by telling me how rough out sex is going to be this Saturday night.

He even just now called back to ask what my favorite lube is. He said that he always tells boys like me not to look at his cock because it is too big and it freaks guys out.  This huge man almost sounds too good to be true.  He said it is important for me to be feminine while he is taking total masculine control of my small slender latin body.  This is where I get to feel good and be rewarded for being a skinny little brown bitch. 

Mike made me feel really good when he called back just now because he said that he will let me sit on his 9″ penis at first. He said he will know how much I am feeling it by my eyes.  That’s really the only way that I can take a huge cock at first is by sitting on it.  That’s how I took Enrique’s 8″ dick at his house in Fillmore, CA, and he also was looking in my eyes while I first took him up inside me. I could only sit on Dr. Allen’s cock the few times he got it up for me. I used to sit on Dr. Allen’s cock and twirl myself around in our California King the few precious times he fucked me.  I can tell Mike is going to fuck me like a real man this Saturday night.  We had a really long cell phone conversation and he said that I was saying all the right things.  I will be able to be a lot more discerning and selective at my gay pool party tomorrow knowing that I have my super hot sex date at my place with Mike this Saturday night.