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What is CMEN?


Boylover Club Baseball Uniform UPDATE: CMEN is relocating to an as of yet undisclosed camp in theĀ  San Bernardino, California mountains for 2022 due to the Woolsey Fire destroying Camp Shalom Malibu in 2018. I don’t know what CMEN is doing with their website. Maybe they are updating it. The heinous leather photos go offline-online along with the 2017 registration form. CMEN needs to have a professional photographer come out to Malibu for the 2017 Fall Gathering to take some better shots for this website.

The CMEN webmaster has removed the professional artwork from  I have sent emails to CMEN demanding that they take down the entire website and cancel all events. If I can’t go then nobody can go, I’m shutting down the barnyard at Camp Shalom. Do you guys get this? John Herriot and Jeff Calvert are lying and saying there is a restraining order that prevents me from attending the Gathering and that’s why I’m doing this. I’m not missing out on an inexpensive vacay in my hometown stomping grounds of Malibu while you little queens sit around gossiping about me. I have also demanded that John and Jeff issue a written statement that there is no court order with my name on it but they don’t respond. I gave them a way out and they refuse to deal with me fairly.

There has been no communication to me other than the harassing cease and desist letter I posted here last week therefore I am conducting all communication via this blog. I was writing the following post about John Herriot selling baseball uniforms to Mexican boys in San Diego when I just now tried to log on for some more artwork:

CMEN Boylover Club Baseball Uniform Brigade

Ever get the feeling you’ve been used as free covert digital advertising and legitimizing for an illegal boylover club baseball uniform salesman named John Herriot? If you guys fall for these pedophile products then come on out to Palm Springs and I’ll sell you every architectural home with a rainbow flag on it at a discount.  I salute this scrum of scurvaceous SEMEN suckers for sowing the seeds of their own destruction!

boylover club baseball uniform

What do you guys in California Men Enjoying Naturism get out of this? I realize that not everyone in CMEN is an official lifetime registered Penal Code 288(a) homosexual intercourse with prepubescent male gay nudist so what do you get out of legitimizing camp drag drag shows with Jeffrey Calvert and John Herriot making fools out of themselves and everyone else?

I’m ashamed of myself for having pranced around naked in Malibu, Palm Springs and the San Fernando Valley with this Mexican boylover club.  I feel like a frog in a boiling pot of water who has finally come to his senses. I’m jumping out of Paul Schneiderman’s jacuzzi while I still have a shred of human decency.

This should be illegal

I’m handing in my boylover club baseball uniform to the Mexican Thailand pedophile investigation agency.  Maybe I can get a grant under the Human Trafficking Act to pay for all of my research and investigation into John Herriot and CMEN. Since Herriot is falsely claiming that there is a restraining order that prevents me from attending his Fall Gathering in Malibu 2017 I will need to send an undercover Asian boy decoy to Charlie Kenyon. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.