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PJ Escobar posted my Playa del Rey PO Box and old Beverly Blvd. address on facebook. This investigation has found Megan’s Law compliance irregularities by convicted child trafficker John Herriot and Mr. Escobar is unhappy.  Escobar is interfering with this investigation in his capacity as CMEN facebook administrator. Escobar is part of the CMEN conspiracy that operates an online child sex trafficking chatroom at  

Mr. Escobar had no right or reason to publish what he believed to be my actual physical residence. That is an invasion of privacy.

Escobar also posted on facebook that Charles Kenyon has a restraining order against Dean McAdams. This is not true. This restraining order lie is a fundamental component of the CMEN conspiracy. The restraining order lie was created by CMEN attorney Jeff Calvert and pedophile educator Rick Boehle in order to interfere with this investigation. 

Publishing my personal information is a conspiratorial attempt by CMEN to intimidate a witness and obstruct justice by interfering with a human sex trafficking investigation. Escobar taunted and harassed me via text message and facebook post.  

Mr. PJ Escobar even had the temerity to post the following message along with my personal residence address: “You fucked with the wrong guy.”

Human Trafficking and the CMEN Conspiracy Investigation

Mr. Escobar I am hereby fucking that hypocritical“NO H8” smirk of of your face in your facebook photo. You are a hypocrite and a liar sir.  There is no restraining order issued against me.  You posted an old residence address in Los Angeles that you believed was my current physical location. You believed you were putting me in harm’s way and at risk.  CMEN conspiracy leader John Herriot has been judged a sexual predator of minor children and a serious threat to the community. Your actions are a threat to the community and I hereby order you to cease and desist publishing false information.

The CMEN conspiracy has also created two gay naturist summer camps in California.  Every June in Northern California.  And every Labor Day Weekend 400 homosexual nudists gather at Camp Shalom Malibu for two weeks.  Registered child sex offender Herriot also owns properties in Yucca Valley and Tennessee where he holds CMEN conspiracy related events.

So there you go Mr. PJ Escobar.  I just fucked you by writing a 444 word blog in a personal record time of only 44 minutes. It’s only 8:30 a.m. on a Friday morning and I haven’t even warmed up yet.  Thank you for fueling my fire, however, I’m not here to argue with anyone on facebook. The purpose of this blog is to research your website administration related to the John Herriot CMEN conspiracy to engage in human trafficking.  This is a Megan’s Law investigation of gay sexual predators.  

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