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An American Pedophile in Thailand

rick boehle malibu thailand pedophile
Kindly Old Pedophile Rick Boehle of Burbank, CA

Malibu Thailand Pedophile and Registered Child Sex Trafficker John Herriot and his cross-dressing California Men Enjoying Naturism chief legal counsel Jeffrey Calvert, Esq. falsely claimed that there were restraining orders issued against Dean McAdams. CMEN refused to let Dean attend the 2015 Fall Gathering in Malibu. Paul Schneiderman of Cathedral City, CA joined in on the rumor mill and began stating that he was afraid of Dean attending paid CMEN sex parties at private residences in Palm Springs. Dean asked Herriot to provide a copy of any restraining order that persons were claiming restricted Dean in anyway.

WHY NOW DEAN? Ten days ago I started asking myself, “Why am I hearing so many third had complaints about myself from John Herriot, Charlie Kenyon, Paul Schneiderman, Rick Boehle and others about my open honest semi-promiscuous sexual behavior with adult men? The aforementioned gay individuals all practice much more deviant sexuality than I do. These guys are all still stuck in the same little boy mutual masturbation type sex that I graduated from decades ago. I’m a tantrika. I have been trained by certified sexological bodyworkers.

So I did a little investigation and now I think I have uncovered a Malibu Thailand pedophile network embedded within a private gay boy lover club called California Men Enjoying Nature (CMEN). These boys are spreading vicious rumors about other people to draw the heat of an international boy lover club DOJ investigation off of themselves. American pedophiles operating as leather fetish aficionados at gay summer camp in Malibu. 

Malibu Thailand Pedophile Nation

I never liked John Herriot the moment I met him over twenty years ago up in the high desert at his Starland Retreat Center in Yucca Valley.  Herriot has this mandatory CMEN dogma that you are required to kiss every CMEN you greet. I didn’t do it then and have never done that with creepy John Herriot. Heriot is a user abuser of people. Herriot operates CMEN as an unlicensed profit making venture staffed by CMEN gay, bisexual and homosexual volunteers.  Many innocent CMEN are being taken advantage of by an international child trafficking operation run by John Herriot and Rick Boehle. The problem is with deceptive characters like John, how do you tell who is who?  Who is an authentic sexually enlightened spirit practicing naturism and who is a seriously aberrated individual who has made a decision to self-discovery and choose boys as sex partners. Herriot is making fools of everyone in the process. 

CMEN Style Leather – Camp Shalom Malibu

John Herriot is using the members of CMEN to shield himself from public scrutiny. John is using CMEN as a grooming tool to establish credibility with children. Do you CMEN ever wonder what happens to all of the pictures that the photographers like Kyle Young, Esq. takes? Is Kyle Young, Esq an arrogant international gay Malibu Thailand pedophile too?  I’m talking about the CMEN Gathering photographers that do their required work shifts as photographers? Why do we only see the same lame photo of John Herriot in a blue shirt walking with his dick hanging out in Tennessee?  

What about all the video shot in the evenings of John’s camp drag game shows and leather contests?  What does CMEN do with all of those hours of video shot by the kind little soul with white hair and glasses?  I like that guy, is he a freakin’ pedo also? Jeez Louise, how many Malibu Thailand Pedophile boy lover club members are there in CMEN?.