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ONE OF US! ONE OF US! | We Become the People We Hang Out With

cmen-leatherGay people train other people how to play gay. Homosexuality is self-discovered, self-learned and self-chosen. Sexual self-identification is fluid. Some of my life is for love and other aspects have been divided into professional components. I know because I often use homosexuality for social mobility.  Some days I am gay for pay.  I choose my sexuality everyday sometimes based upon what I think I can seduce out of you. Gay in the morning, bisexual at lunchtime and straight only if it’s too late. Don’t write that down because I may change my mind at the end of this article. That’s what a blog is for. This is where I get to say whatever I want. This is where I talk and you listen. The important thing for you to know is that this blog has Google juice. This blog has SEO, private citizens who want to know about pedophiles in Malibu, West Hollywood and Thailand will find this article. If you perform fellatio upon little boys, I WILL FIND YOU.

boehle pedophile leather progarm
The Rick Boehle Pedophile Leather Training Program

We become like the people we spend the most time with. I am disgusted at myself for spending so much time with men who are almost as trashy as I am.  I was born in a trailer in Tujunga and grew up in an RV but these guys are really the bottom of the barrel. Anyway the pedos kicked me out of their little boy lover sex club because they made up a story that fags should be afraid of physical violence from me. I am a non-violent 5′-7″, 145 lb., triple bypass heart surgery survivor with no history of physical violence. I am not physically violent but I can pitch a free speech bitch fit faster than a pedophile can pitch a tent for a boy scout rendezvous in the Santa Monica mountains above WeHo. 

boehle pedophile leather programUsing a Jewish summer camp in Malibu as a training ground for pedophiles is going too far and now it must be stopped by me. Hell I could be parking my RV at Camp Shalom and running a Tantrika Training Institute. The John Herriot, Charlie Kenyon, Rick Boehle pedophile leather fetish club use vicious rumors, gay gossip and fake restraining orders to deny constitutional civil rights to their fellow CMEN members. CMEN is a profit making venture run by volunteers. CMEN has no business permit or license and pays no taxes.  CMEN is an illegal sex club run by a pedophile convicted of having sex with a twelve year-old boy. In the opinion of this website the Herriot, Kenyon, Roehle pedophile leather consortium should dissolve the CMEN boy lover club and cease production of the annual CMEN Fall Boy Lover Club Gathering at JVC Camp Shalom Malibu.

rick boehle pedophile leather thailand

If John Herriot and Rick Boehle don’t want Dean McAdams in Malibu then they have to stay out also.  If John Herriot and Rick Boehle pedophile leather boys are not allowed entry into Thailand then why should they be allowed entry into JVC Camp Shalom Malibu?  

ky_mcl16_09967sBoehle Pedophile Leather Training Program

The purpose of this article is to put the world on notice that CMEN member Rick Boehle pedopile leather training is one of the new program goals established at Camp Shalom in Malibu. I’m a practicing bisexual and I wouldn’t want any child I love and care about to be around pedophiles like Rick Boehle and transvestite attorney Jeff Calvert, Esq.

LegalNoodle Free Speech Program

If you suddenly wake up in the middle of a criminal enterprise you are allowed to talk about it. If the Rick Boehle pedophile leather program for twelve year old boys sounds like a child molester, then it just may be. Private citizens are permitted by law to inquire into the illegal activities of suspected pedophiles who associate with known pedophiles such as John Herriot and his CMEN colleagues. I always hated that name CMEN and I want to wash it off of me. The purpose of this article is to wash the Boehle pedophile leather semen off of my body. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.