Convicted Sex Offenders Are Often Required to Register in More Than One Jurisdiction

Registered sex offenders who attend CMEN gatherings and events outside of their conviction jurisdiction may be required to also register in California.  If CMEN leader John Herriott has failed to also properly register in Tennessee or Colorado then what else has he failed to do? Herriott has stated that he lives in Colorado during the skiing season.  Should he also register in Colorado?  If a CMEN sex offender lives in Colorado he may have to also register here in California. If you are an out of state registered sex offender you or your attorney should read Megan’s Law

Out of State Sex Offenses

If a sex offender was convicted in another jurisdiction including out-of-state, federal, or military court, he or she is very likely to be required to register in California, and should register in accordance with the sex offender registration law, within five working days of moving to California. If the offender is not required to register in California, the Department of Justice will notify him or her of that assessment and terminate the registration.

Registration At More Than One Residence

sex offender john herriott leading nature hike
“Boys . . . I don’t think we’re in West Hollywood anymore” -John Herriott

Registrants who regularly reside at more than one residence address must register at each address, regardless of the number of days or nights spent there. If the addresses are in different jurisdictions, the registrant must go to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over each address (Pen. Code § 290.010).

What is CMEN Hiding?

Is John Herriott an authentic naturist or just a real creep in a T-shirt with no pants on? Why is CMEN lying to the public by falsely stating that there are restraining orders against certain members? Is CMEN discriminating against bisexual bloggers or are they discriminating against men who only have sex with other men, in favor of men who only have a different sexual orientation. I’m currently residing in Palm Springs where nothing’s simple anymore. I need answers and I need them from John Herriot. Is there sexual discrimination at CMEN? Is CMEN really a naturist organization or is it really just a boy lover club? Is California Men Enjoying Naturism really just a pedophile network?  Probably not, however these are certainly valid questions considering the deceptive nature of John Herriott and his “naturist” associates.