BANJO DICK & THE COUNTRY SAUSAGES – Live at the CMEN Fall & Spring Gatherings 2022

CMEN’s Spring & Fall Gatherings in Tennessee are reminiscent of the rape scene in the 1972 film Deliverance.

Ned Beatty receiving his feature film debut in Deliverance

The CMEN Southeast Gathering 2022 needs a banjo music soundtrack

The irony is that the gay men in the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism would love to be gang banged in Herriot Holler by a bunch of Hampshire Tennessee hillbillies. CMEN gathering semen. All CMEN Gatherings are festivals of semen gathering. Whenever I think of the CMEN Southeast Gathering 2022 at Whispering Oaks in Hampshire, Tennessee, I hear banjo music as the soundtrack.

You need prophylactical protection from CMEN

For his entire life, convicted pedophile John Herriot has conducted himself as if the law does not apply to him. John Herriot destroys lives. Herriot destroys children, his family, CMEN and he is perfectly willing to ruin your life. Mr. Herriot damaged my life with his lies and he will do the same thing to the members of his various community nudist organizations. The law will soon catch up to John Herriot and he will take down anyone who is near him.

Mr. Herriot has failed to update his current address with the proper sex offender registries. Why is Herriot concealing his true address? Because he is up to no good. John Herriot is a convicted criminal who requires citizen oversight. Herriot is going down and he is perfectly willing to take his Community of Men Enjoying Semen with him.

Are you going to Whispering Oaks to take a fall for John Herriot?

John Herriot put me in serious harm’s way and now I have turned the tables. The irony is that John Herriot uses lies and I use the truth. There never was any restraining order against me but Herriot was and always will be a convicted child sex trafficker. He is a convicted child sex trafficker who is now concealing his true address, thereby putting the public in danger. Herriot has never been in compliance with the law because he is a career criminal. If you belong to the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism then you are supporting a professional sex criminal.

cmen southeast gathering 2022 leader john herriot
CMEN must be abolished

Are you willing to go to jail for a mealy mouthed criminal like John Karl Herriot? Don’t be a fool. Find someplace else to run around naked. It is time for the law abiding members of CMEN to denounce and abandon convicted criminal John Herriot. Do the right thing and make John Herriot comply with the law by updating his address on Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. If you are foolish enough to put yourself in harms way at the CMEN Southeast Gathering 2022, then at least make sure that those Tennessee hillbillies use a condom.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.