CMEN Tennessee Gathering 2022 Southeast – Address Update for John Herriot

CMEN Tennessee Gathering 2022 attendees are requested to demand that convicted child sex offender John Karl Herriot update his residence address on Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registries.

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The John Herriot Problem

Beginning in 2015, private citizen John Herriot and CMEN attempted to enforce a non-existent, unwritten restraining order against me. Since it was non-existent, it was amorphous, it was un-defined and ambiguous. At the time this occurred I was living in Palm Springs and Herriot really made my life difficult in that gay town. The problem with Herriot is that he will not let go of his delusional restraining order. In 2019, Herriot had his Pakistani man-servant serve me with bogus legal papers at my apartment in West Covina. His heavily accented Pakistanis even called me posing as Social Security Administration representatives. To this day, Mr. John Karl Herriot is a serious problem in my life. These blogs are my solution to the John Herriot Problem.

Herriot killed the best gay sex parties in the desert

As with all false accusers Herriot met with his eventual downfall mainly due to my efforts at publishing his child sex offender status. The problem with John Herriot is that he ruined homosexual party life when he self-destructed. When Herriot’s Community of Men Enjoying Naturism when down in flames, a lot of really great gay sex orgies just ceased to exist. I used to look forward every year to the CMEN New Year’s Eve overnight pool parties at Paul Schneiderman’s house in Cathedral City. CMEN provided great bargains on lodging in the desert. I even found my Palm Springs rental villa through CMEN by way of Jeff Cowan. But then Cowan used the restraining order myth to steal my laptop computer, flat screen TV and 2003 Nissan Sentra with a cracked head. Thanks to my auto insurance and good karma I made out financially but lost my data that was on the laptop. Herriot and his minions are a danger to the public and must be stopped. Cranking out these blogs has a serious effect at curtailing the Community of Men Enjoying Breaking the Law.

This is an unrestrained solution to the John Herriot Problem

In December of 2017, Herriot retained a tax attorney who did actually obtain a worthless default judgment against me in Riverside Superior Court. His defective legal documents have no effect in “restraining” me from writing about Herriot. I have published his worthless restraining order elsewhere on this blog. The purpose of publishing these blogs is to demonstrate that I am not restrained by Herriot’s 2017 order in any way shape or form. Thus began my rapid change of heart with gay life and I soon left the desert and returned to West L.A. When CMEN went down in flames I eventually burned out on the whole male to male sex thing. Now the emotional disease of homosexuality appears to have run its course through my system.

I solved my John Herriot problem by learning how to fight back with these blogs. Here I can explain Herriot’s rumors and clear my name regarding his non-existent restraining orders. Since Herriot created his own restraining orders against me, I simply created my own restraining orders against Herriot. How can a private citizen create and enforce a citizen issued restraining order? By publishing the restraining order on this blog. Which is exactly what I did. I created and published restraining orders against John Herriot, Charlie Kenyon, Jeff Cowan and others.

Since this blog published these citizen issued restraining orders, this blog can also update those orders with information concerning Herriot’s pattern of continual and ongoing attempts to evade the law. This blog was instrumental in getting Heriot registered in Tennessee. Now it is time to force Herriot to update his address to 7309 Franklin Avenue, Unit 105, Los Angeles, California 90046. By conducting accurate property owner address information on all registered child sex offenders oversight of compliance can be conducted. Once your investigation and discovery uncovers non-compliance you can alert the authorities. Or you could post the information yourself publicly using the key words CMEN Tennessee Gathering 2022:

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CMEN Southeast Gathering 2022

The lesson here is that if you want to be an investigator, you can triangulate the addresses of registered sex offenders to see if they jive with public records searches of the offenders address. That is what I did with Herriot. Solving the John Herriot problem has become my sacred service in life. I can feel the good karma coming to me from exposing the crimes of Herriot. I can also feel Herriot or the presence of someone as malevolent as Herriot, attempting to intrude upon my life. His Pakistani cohorts or someone as sleazy as them, are sending me suspicious emails and fake Facebook friend requests. Be on the lookout for Pakistani spies if you attend the CMEN Southeast Gathering 2022 in Hampshire, Tennessee.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.