The CMEN West Coast Gathering Cured Me of Aberrant Behavior.

The Community of Men Enjoying Naturism – CMEN West Coast Gathering 2022 of convicted gay pedophiles and the men who love them, will be in Angelus Oaks, California. From August 23 to September 1, 2022 you can learn how to be a deviant. Rich Boehle wants to present ‘non-sexual’ leather fetish workshops for boys at this event.

This perverted gathering of perverts healed my attraction to deviant behavior. It was a form of in-your-face aversion therapy. I hate drag shows and I hate camp drag shows even more. But, the only way out is to go all the way in. You know you are gay if you like certain stereotypical gay entertainment like camp drag queens. If you are an amateur drag queen you will probably find this affair more enjoyable than others.

Thanks to gay registered child sex offenders like John Herriot and his partner Darrell Sharp the lure of deviant behavior has lost its luster for me. The CMEN West Coast Gathering of gay criminals has taken the bloom off the rose. A fool returns to his folly like a dog returns to its vomit, and therefore I will be not be attending the 2022 West Coast Gathering, or any gay gatherings for that matter.

After I got sober in Malibu in 2004, I went through a second gay adolescence. It was a phase that lasted from the Summer of 2005 to the Winter of 2019. Fourteen years of living a totally gay life provided a pleasurable social and sexual lifestyle for me during my early journey of sobriety. Now I am over the need for sexual intimacy with men or women. I’m glad I did it. My relationship with gay gynecologist Dr. Paul Allen truly transformed my life. But gay life just has no appeal to me now. I wish it did.

I was a fake homosexual.

If it wasn’t for gay sex, I would have had no sex after my divorce from Veronica. I would have ended up a pathetic middle-aged incel. So I used what God gave me. Men are attracted to my body. I wish women were as sexually attracted to my skinny Latin body as gay men are. I’m glad I did the male-to-male thing when I was younger because I could never do it again. The thought of sex with another man just gags me right now.

cmen community of men enjoying naturism cmen founder john herriot
Darrell Sharp and John Herriot in happier times

I was only in it for the great sex

I only liked what I liked. My failure to reciprocate certain gay sex acts often got me in trouble. Sometimes when I was in group sexual situations at CMEN events, I thought I would be found out as a fraud. I fantasized that guys would realize that I was not even really bisexual.

When I was 27 years old a woman in her forties said to me, “Dean, I think that you just like sex so much that you’ll do it with anybody.” She was correct. Her words were prophetic. Now that I am an old man without a hyperactive need for sex, I only like sex with myself. So thank you to John Herriot for putting nice closure on my fourteen years of acting totally gay.

Mr. Herriot wouldn’t let me attend the 2015 Gathering in Malibu because he said that there was a legal restraining order against me. There never was any restraining order against me. It was a a lie created by Charlie Kenyon. CMEN didn’t want me in their little club because they could sense that I was not really gay. I was a Mexican peckerwood grifter taking advantage of my well maintained Latin body.

At a crowded CMEN pool party in the Valley, Charlie Kenyon sexually assaulted me by running up and sticking his tongue into my mouth while I was talking to someone. So I took Charlie for a ride and ended up having a heart attack in Philadelphia on December 26, 2014. Charlie made up a lie that he obtained a restraining order against me. The truth is I asked Charlie for $4,000 to go back and start over again in L.A. and he willingly gave it to me. There was no restraining order, you can look it up. There was no order just gay hysteria from Mr. Charles Kenyon, Jr. and his roommates on Ogden Avenue.

It’s the thief that cries the loudest

At the time John Herriot repeated Mr. Kenyon’s misrepresentation, John himself was the convicted criminal in non-compliance with the law. It’s the thief that cries the loudest. In approximately 2010, Herriot changed his residence address and failed to notify the proper authorities to change his address on the Megan’s Law website. John is the one who has legal problems restraining him. John was throwing bogus heat on me in order to take the attention off of himself.

Protecting the public from the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism

The problem is that Jeff Cowan used the restraining order rumor as an excuse to steal from me. I was renting a room from Cowan in Palm Springs. Jeff Cowan and Danny Wellchance stole my car, laptop computer, big screen TV and other valuable items. In their mental illness, Jeff and Danny rationalized that talk of a restraining order justified stealing my personal property. They erroneously assumed that I would be unable to call he cops. I did call the cops but these blogs have proven more effective than the police in thwarting their criminal endeavors. The reason that I write these blogs about deviant CMEN members like Herriot and Hysterical Havasu Homosexual Cowan is to protect the public from their criminal behavior.

gay pride booth cmen west coast gathering

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.