CMEN Youth Baseball as Pedophile Grooming

Pedophiles are skilled at operating right out in the open. One of the most prolific sexual predators even operates naked by hiding himself in the community of men enjoying naturism. If you are desperate enough to attend the CMEN West Coast Gathering, check out the vehicle driven by CMEN leader and convicted child sex offender John Herriot. This self-advertised little league baseball uniform salesman drives a white Dodge Grand Caravan loaded with “free samples” of the CMEN youth baseball uniforms that he sells.

Herriot is a master of deception, hiding right out in plain sight. Surrounding himself with nudist homosexuals, Herriot cloaks himself within the gay community. Herriot pretends to be a nudist but he is much more than that. Herriot is a gay Houdini.

One way Mr. Herriot avoids detection is to never provide his real address listed to the various sex offender registries that he is required to keep updated. That way he can host children at his various retreat centers scattered across the country. Without anyone knowing his true address, Herriot could conceivably be inviting young boys over to his Hollywood condominium. Herriot’s failure to update his residence address is indicative of his life long career as a criminal. Preventing him for re-offending is one of the reasons why this website is conducting citizen oversight of John Karl Herriot.

John Herriot makes a fascinating case study on how pedophiles groom their victims. Herriot’s use of his CMEN youth baseball business to cultivate victims is very clever. Herriot got away with it for years. Selling little league baseball uniforms was part of Herriot’s public identity. Herriot was laughing inwardly at the deception he is engaged in not only with the general public, but master criminal Herriot is even deceiving the masters of deception, the gay community.

Now it is time for John Herriot’s life of crime to end. John Herriot must provide his true and correct legal address to Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. This website is dedicated to protecting the public from John Herriot’s crimes of omission.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.