UNDERGROUND ECONOMY: The Private Residence Gay Sex Party Pad


The Jeff Cowan Child Trafficking Conspiracy

Registered child sex offender John Herriot has recently been conducting what he calls: “Massage Playshops” at the Cathedral City residence of Jeff Cowan.  Mr. Hatcher’s Palm Springs gay sex party pad features a master suite shower room suitable for shooting child pornography.  This shower room looks like a school gym. Herriot is in the little league baseball uniform business.  The desert is full of desperate irregular immigrants looking for the American Dream, including the Jeff Cowan Child Sex Trafficking Conspiracy.  John Herriot and CMEN are the gatekeepers of the Pedophile Port of Palm Springs.

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Something is not right with 1376 S. Compadre.  Hatcher and Herriot may be attempting to illegally transfer title to this property.  Herriot is currently attempting to take his enterprise further underground to escape this investigation.

jeff cowan child trafficking
This shower room was designed by a gay man to facilitate locker room style gay sex. It works.  

Anyone within reach of John Herriot is potentially liable for aiding and abetting child pornography and human trafficking.  Anyone operating an illegal palm springs gay sex party for Herriot or CMEN could possibly go to prison for conspiracy. Promoting or aiding human sex trafficking is a serious federal crime. Promoting or aiding John Herriot may be a serious felony subject to a lengthy federal prison sentence.    

Ped Promotion

Promoters of pedophila are attempting to soften up public opinion on sex between 13 year old boys and adult men. Public opinion is changed slowly. Milo Yiannopoulos was just testing the waters.  Milo wanted to be the gate opener for public acceptance of man boy relationships. Milo went too far this time, but someone else will come along. Milo even said it in his statement, he will be back.  

Rick Boehle tried agenda a workshop to promote child human trafficking at the CMEN Fall Gathering when this investigation thwarted his efforts. Mr. Boehle wanted to present a nude workshop on teaching “non-sexual” aspects of leather to 12 year old boys.  Public opinion is changed slowly by trying to sneak the agenda in as “non-sexual”.  Mr. Boehle’s intentions were to engage in human trafficking activities in direct contravention to strict federal statutes. Mr. Boehle’s statements were abhorrent, disgusting and he is to be held in contempt as a vile promoter of gay pedophile human trafficking. 

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