Anonymous Criminal Behavior

Who are Danny Welchhance and Stephen Delacruz? Known child abuser Jeffrey Cowan uses anonymous communications to lure victims into his machinations.  If you or your child is receiving anonymous phone calls or text messages from the Coachella Valley it could be Jeff Cowan.  Mr. Cowan and his associates are gearing up for the desert season.  Thank you for your vigilance during Halloween 2019.  Thank God Halloween is over.

palm springs police department

Coachella Matrix

Would you lease a vacation rental from John Herriot’s certified public accountant?  How many degrees from registered child sex offender John Herriot and his associate Jeffrey R. Cowan are you?  If you live in the Coachella Valley and are connected to Stephen Delacruz or Charles Tea then you are two degrees closer to the John Herriot Matrix.  Thank you for your vigilance. 

jeffrey robert cowan goldhammer restraining order

Detective Castillo Needs Your Help

Detective Castilo has just returned from maternity leave and needs community policing next year during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival at the Indio Polo Grounds.  John Herriot, Jeff Cowan and Danny Wellchance will be selling youth league baseball uniforms at a booth on Highway 111.  Detective Castillo always works his day off because he enjoys volunteering his time with the Palm Springs Police Department.  Castillo will be heading up an inter-agency task force to protect fourteen year old girls who want to cut in line at the Postal Annex on Vista Chino.  

29613 calle tampico cathedral city coachella ca

How Can You Be Sure of Anyone?

How can you be sure anybody is really who they say they are?  By research.  Discovery and investigation.  If you check out who you are living next to in the desert you may be surprised.  Keep an eye on Tony Merker and his sidekick Pablo. Wrongdoers move way out to the desert because they think nobody can see them.  That is why Detective Castillo of the PSPD needs your help with community policing.  Keep your eyes on 29613 Calle Tampico in Cathedral City, California because that is where the action is.  Community vigilance will help Castillo with his inter-agency task force.  If you see John Herriot with any children please immediately call Crime Stoppers.