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MY LIFE AS A SENIOR CITIZEN: Substituting Paper Towels for Coffee Filters

A #2 Coffee Filter is better than a paper towel

August 10, 2020 UPDATE: Now that I am collecting early retirement from Social Security I am back to using paper towels for coffee filters and life is just fine.

A few days ago I wrote this ridiculous blog about substituting a paper towel for a coffee filter. What a bad idea. I am back to using coffee filters now!

For most of my life I have made my coffee using a Melitta one cup pour over coffee maker. The price of a #2 coffee filter has really gone up in price over the past twenty years just like everything else. My grandmother used paper towels as filters in her regular sized 12 cup Mr. Coffee machine. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income so why am I wasting money on coffee filters when I could be donating that money to civil rights organizations protecting the legal rights of others?

Use a Paper Towel Instead of a Coffee Filter

If a paper towel can be used as a coffee filter what else am I missing in life? If a paper towel can be used to save money on coffee filters what else can paper towels be used for? Maybe I can use paper towels to replace the air filter in my Chrysler.

What Else Have I Been Lied To About?

If I have been trained to waste money on coffee filters then what else have I been lied to about in life? If is time for me to stop taking everything for granted. Little white lies about coffee filters build up into dangerous lies about cigarettes and alcohol. My life will end up being ten years shorter than it could have been due to my cigarette smoking in my youth. I knew smoking was bad back when I was doing it but nobody could stop me. Therefore cigarettes should just be made illegal.

Cigarettes are a Lie

Selling tobacco products is wrong and so it should be illegal to sell tobacco. If cigarettes were illegal there would be a population explosion because people would stop dying of smoking related diseases. Plus people would be happier because they would be liberated from addiction to a dangerous chemical.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.