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Forcing the Landlord to Fix the Broken Plumbing

Renting A Defective Guest House From Comfy House Foods

One of my greatest contributions to humanity was forcing the landlord to fix the broken plumbing in the guest house behind Comfy House Foods at Los Angeles International Airport. The difficulty was compounded by the fact that my joint-tenant and life partner Dr. Paul Allen, obgyn was a Medicare investigator who refused to assist me. Dr. Allen had a crush on our gay landlord Adam Raul Cardenas. So Dr. Allen preferred to use the shower inside Comfy House Foods so he could be near Adam. They never even had sex and Dr. Allen failed at his duties to clean the bathroom weekly. Comfy House is a single family residence with a garage converted into a guest house located near the north runway of LAX at 6441 W. 87th Street in Westchester, California.

eva fairchild
Eva Fairchild

The Comfy House Guest House Shower Controller Was Broken

When her marriage to Donny failed, luxury real estate salesperson Eva Fairchild needed a way to get out of her lease. So when retired gynecologist Dr. Paul Allen and I were looking for a rental Eva suckered us into moving in and taking over her lease. But she never told us about the lease or the broken shower temperature controller. When I asked her about it she just mumbled: “Oh yeah . . . the shower was a problem”. It was her “problem” that she solved by giving to us.

I met Eva through her dog Jack

Eva Fairchild Failed To Disclose The Broken Shower Even When Questioned

Eva Fairchild let us move into a rental with a worn out shower temperature controller that needed to be replaced. She cause a lot of problems by avoiding her duty to disclose dangerous plumbing conditions. Eva Fairchild bears some culpability in the problem however she was deemed an unworthy civil defendant due to her economic distress. In other words nobody was worth suing because they had no money. If there was any insurance, which is doubtful, the policy limits would also be too low to attract any venomous low life attorneys from sucking Eva Fairchild’s cold thin blood.

eva fairchild

About Eva
Eva is an internationally recognized and highly regarded real estate expert who has represented some of the finest luxury properties and developments worldwide. Of European heritage, she grew up in Malibu and spent many years working between London and Los Angeles. Today, based in LA and Baja Sur, Mexico, she has become one of the most respected agents in the Latin American market, much admired for her discretion and attention to detail. 

Coincidentally I had just replaced the entire shower tree at my home I had recently sold. I knew that it was going to be a big expensive job, and that is why the landlord was skirting the problem. The water would only go to “tepid” as Dr. Allen put it. The water would only get lukewarm. It was uninhabitable. Everybody knew the shower was broken. But because Dr. Allen was going senile he refused to join in my cause. Eva simply stopped talking to us.

First Request to Comfy House Foods

The first time I asked Raul about it he pretended that he didn’t know anything about it. So we spent a week an that lame excuse. Then when I perceived what was going on I insisted that the landlord repair the uninhabitable conditions. The landlord jacked me around and then said that I was rude. When landlords are ripping you off they sometimes say that you are rude as if that means they don’t have to spend the money to repair the broken plumbing. My intent is not to be rude when you are stealing from me I am just reasonably angry. Commercial landlords need to understand this. The gay landlord at Comfy House finally fixed the broken shower but he made it more complicated and frustrating than it needed to be.

comfy house foods website
Comfy House Foods is a Sham

Comfy House Foods advertises that they are a vegan food just because it sounds good. Comfy House Food is cooked in a residential home with Yorkshire Terriers running around. I love those little dogs Canora and Chester but I wouldn’t want to eat the food that comes out of their kitchen. Look at this fake Comfy House website. This is a business that has no money and never had a real website.

skunk illustrates woodside village complaints
Uninhabitable Conditions at Woodside Village Apartment Homes West Covina

For the past year I have been requesting that Satellite Management repair the uninhabitable plumbing conditions at Woodside Village Apartment Homes on Temple Avenue in West Covina, California. The maintenance man pretended that he didn’t know anything about the cold water and it frustrated me. I got angry. My anger at getting ripped off is not a legal reason to evict me from Woodside.

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