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Communicating With Self-Images

Franklin Jones (pictured above) brought Eastern philosophy to many people, including myself, by communicating with images just as strongly as he communicated with words.  Jones reinvented and updated his words and his images constantly throughout his life. In pure California style, Adi Da made everything up as he went along in The Ashram, his Melrose Avenue bookstore in Hollywood.   

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The Knee of Listening

I bought a used copy of The Knee of Listening at Brand Books, but I could never finish it. All I can remember is: Non-Relating? Non-Relating?  I think.  Adi Da is one of the few Eastern thinkers and writers who never really resonated with me. He sounds good but he sounds the same as all Eastern nihilists to me.

North Hollywood Ashram

One evening my wife Veronica and I went to a small event at his ashram in North Hollywood. Halfway through the program there was a video of Adi Da arriving at his commune in Northern California. His female devotees were screaming and getting emotional. Veronica the Catholic from Mexico City, took offense and insisted that we leave. I learned to travel alone because of things like that.

adi da reclining

My WordPress Guru

The web guru who trained me in communicating with images and WordPress is an Adi Da devotee. Part of the reason he took me under his wing and did me a real favor by jumpstarting me was because we had Adi Da in common. Having read The Knee of Listening gave me an inside track to free education in communicating by blogging.

Blog Topics Are Harder to Find Than Good Images

There are far more interesting photographs on the web than there are words to go with them. One of the things that I do is to first gather my photographs and then decide what I am going to write about. Media injest is the art of finding, gathering, managing and storing digital media. In my case mainly photographs and animated gifs.

Laughing Buddha

What a great life. Too bad Adi Da didn’t have a kundalini yoga practice to go along with everything else.