Station to Station

Communication Skills

The summer before I started 7th grade I took 9th grade communication skills at summer school. It was an advanced placement honor system class where I worked my way through a brand new interactive workbook with textbook course in verbal, written and visual communications skills. It was preparing me for film school at CSUN, my paralegal career, and writing this blog. Studying communications skills my whole life has helped me academically, professionally and spiritually.

Mass Multimedia Communications

communications skillsWord, text, image. The Internet runs on graphics. Graphics and video. I should probably be producing more video. Writing this blog helps me to look at myself objectively and say: “I should be posting more video.”

Holy Communion

Communion with God is a learned spiritual communications skill. Spirituality is about receiving communication from God. Today I began my background check paperwork to become a hospital chaplain. I need to pass a background check to become a hospital employee. A volunteer hospital employee ministering the body of Christ to hospital patients.

intimate communicationIntimate Communion

Intimate physical communion with your lover is another form of communications. I once wrote a college paper on sexual communication. I was so incredibly manic as a college student. It is a major miracle that I actually graduated from college with a four year degree. I am the mad genius of my tragic family.

The only other person in my family who who went to school is a disbarred attorney and registered sex offender. Joey Nauss blames his alcoholism and fucked up life on his allegedly “brutal childhood.” My life is what it is because of my own actions and I have only myself to blame.

Community Communications Skills

The body of Christ communicates through the body of my community to me. The answer to all of my problems is God solved right here right now.