NAME CHANGE: From California Men Enjoying Naturism to Community of Men Enjoying Naturism.

Here is some local news uncovered this afternoon. California Men Enjoying Naturism has changed their name to Community of Men Enjoying Naturism. Why did CMEN founder and president John Herriot only make this partial name change? Mr. Herriot should have taken the “C” out of CMEN. In other words Herriot should have changed the name of his sex club to Men Enjoying Naturism – MEN. The anacronym CMEN is emblematic of the arrested development of convicted pedophile John Karl Herriot. The fact is John really did need to change the name in order to better promote his gay nudist campground called Whispering Oaks, in Hampshire, TN. At any rate, now I have to write this blog with Community of Men Enjoying Naturism as the key word.

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Men who are interested in CMEN should know the background of John Herriot. Mr. Herriot is a registered child sex offender listed on Megan’s Law. Mr. Herriot’s accountant, and CMEN member Jeffrey R. Cowan is also a registered sex offender. Who else in CMEN is a registered sex offender?

john herriot restraining order
John Herriot Restraining Order. John keeps spreading lies about a non-existent order against me so I issued my own restraining order against him

Community of Registered Gay Sex Offenders

CMEN has one of the highest percentage of of registered gay sex offenders of any gay men’s social club. Why is this? Because at one time Mr. Herriot provided a great Labor Day weekend in Malibu, but those days are over. The Woolsey Fire destroyed the bucolic location and the pandemic finished CMEN off. Most importantly, the 2016 revelation of John’s history as a sex offender is what really destroyed CMEN. In the end, the destruction of CMEN is a karma call.

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Healing Morning Sweat

When my shingles pain finally began to die down, I started waking up every morning covered in sweat. Every day my postherpetic neuralgia hurts less and every morning before I wake up I sweat in my sleep. I am sweating out my pain. My sweat is my pain. I am experiencing a mystical healing of my pain. All I do is meditate the act of receiving God’s perfection into me. I don’t pray for any thing or healing. In other words I have never specifically prayed for the healing of my shingles pain that I received. I only prayed and visualized a mystical experience of God.


If it wasn’t for the delta surge I would be going to meetings and talking about my miraculous healing. However, the small still voice inside of me says, “No, don’t push it. Gut it out until the end of the year.” In January I will have a lot to celebrate. On New Year’s Day my Medicare coverage begins. I am very excited because in January I will turn 65 years of age. In January 2022 I legally be a senior citizen. It will be like turning into a child again in the eyes of the law.

Child of 65: My whole life I have been like a child on the run.
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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.