What is it Really Like Working for Civil, Probate, and Family Law Attorneys? It All Depends on the Compensation

paralegals work for attorneys
Working for Attorneys Should Pay Well for Paralegal Satisfaction


I Enjoy Working For Attorneys When the Compensation is High


Do you ever wonder exactly why they call it compensation?  Am I being compensated for my time or my very life blood?  What is the compensation for having a litigation heart attack at the end of the day?  This article will address the heavy duty price of working for litigation attorneys.


Working for Litigators is Very Stressful


Lawyers and paralegals drop dead of heart attacks all the time so please take this into consideration the next time you are having concerns about how much law firms and their paralegals earn.  Compensation for legal professionals is directly proportional to the level of stress involved. Paralegals and attorneys must decide if it is worth dying for. I am quite willing to die, however it seems meaningless to die from the stress of working in the field of law.


Reviewing Attorneys


Because of the high level of stress propounding and responding to heavy discovery in the faced paced law firm of today, I am developing this website as a source of paralegal reviews of litigation attorneys as my alternative legal career. Handling litigation work such as finding and retaining expert witnesses is highly skilled paralegal work. Therefore I will also use that knowledge and experience to review expert witnesses. In my perfect world I would not even do litigation paralegal work anymore. I would work all day writing articles such as this one.  I would like to market and promote the careers of young lawyers in love looking to make their start in the legal profession.  The problem is that attorneys sometimes expect paralegals to work for free. I am trying hard not to end up living in my car by working for cheap attorneys and this is a very difficult task.


Attorneys Are Notorious for Not Paying Contract Paralegals


Every consultant and contractor has difficulty getting clients to pay their bills and attorneys are the prime offenders when it comes to not paying for legal services rendered.  Many lawyers fund their litigation by stiffing the paralegal.  Therefore the contract paralegal should always get a decent retainer from each of the law firms that the paralegal works for. Job satisfaction for paralegals requires earning a decent living. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.