Coneheads in the Spotlight

coneheads in paradise

Coneheads In Paradise

The coneheads have all retired to paradise where they live in a continuing care retirement community together. You can easily observe the coneheads from from the access road encircling MHC. These coneheads have been outside my apartment ever since I moved in a month ago.


Last Friday Jeff and Angel drove back and forth in front of my apartment all morning. The sprinkler control valve was stuck on open and these sprinklers were on for over three hours. I just wanted to see how long it would take Jeff or Angel to respond to the water running freely down the walls and into the drain.

Finally I called it in to the maintenance work order line. Now I am curious to see how this was written up, if it was even documented at all. What exists in writing concerning this event?

Dead Flowers

A lot of innocent little daisies in the administration plaza became casualties of the “Once a Year Make-Up Event” at MHC.

dead flowers

Is It Work Or is It Play?

When I noticed how much fun Angel and Jeff were having fun driving around all day doing nothing I decided to take a closer look at the maintenance staff. The maintenance crew here at MHC have it made in the shade. Instead of maintaining the huge property during the year the just hire sub-contractors to come in and do a cosmetic paint job. I should have taken photos of the painters working at night with lights July 9th through the 12th. However at that time I did not realize that my water had been diverted for the Cornerstone Ceremony by an alleged water line breakage by Bernards. While all of my opportunities for night time photos were being passed up, I was being a nice guy waiting for my water to come back on.

Did Bernards Really Break My Sprinkler Water Line?

MHC Maintenance director Bonnie Dimmit is alleging that on or around July 12, 2019, Bernards broke a main water line. Standing in Jennifer’s office I told them both that I do not believe that any water line was broken. Instead I am alleging that my water was intentionally diverted for the Cornerstone Ceremony. If they had of just asked me I would have willingly let them have the water for six days. I would have saturated my garden and everything would have been fine. Instead, MHC lied to me. Everyone kept telling me that my water would be on in a few hours. It was so emotionally draining I missed most of the Cornerstone Ceremony. This tragic series of events led me to learn the state and federal laws regulating continuing care retirement communities. CCRC’s are consumer controlled.

Request for Incident Report

I really need to learn the details of what went on around here. I feel like Mark Ruffalo in the movie Spotlight.

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