Here are three brief articles I wrote for “Over The Back Fence.”

Infinite Connection

Christian mystic Bro. Joel S. Goldsmith is the connection between our new shared housing resident Bro. John Drewery, our long time resident Bro. Wayne Bente and the author of this article.

Bro. Drewery is PM of California Lodge where he holds one lifetime membership and he is also affiliated with SMP 307-Riviera where he holds a second lifetime membership. John has a background in law enforcement including a stint as a federal investigator and working in security at Santa Monica City College. The term “Good Mason” is exemplified by Bro. Drewery and the selfless service he has been providing for years to Masons and widows through Masonic Outreach Services.

I first met Bro. Drewery at the Infinite Way tape meditation group he conducted for many years at the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center in Santa Monica, California. Although Bro. John has been “retired” for a long time his positive attitude and youthful vitality are a welcome addition to our community.

mock up
Skilled Nursing Mock-Up as of July 8, 2019

Skilled Nursing Mock-Up

Would you like to see a mock up of what the interior of your new skilled nursing and memory care private room will look like? The mock-up has not been completed in time to photograph for this issue of the paper. However we have sent our investigator over the back fence and down into Rainbow Park to snap this photo of the exterior of the mock up as it exists on July 8, 2019.

DIAL-A-RESERVATION | The Myth of Dial-A-Ride

The first time I ever heard about “Dial-A-Ride” was in 2004 while I was living out in the middle of nowhere in Agoura, California. My erroneous assumption was that I could just dial up a $1.00 taxi service to anywhere within my Agoura zip code. I imagined myself saving hundreds of dollars a month in gasoline and brake shoes by using Dial-A-Ride instead of driving my van up and down Kanan Dume Road. Even though I have never called Dial A Ride the thought of this amazing transportation bargain has always remained in my fantasies, until yesterday that is.

Much like myself, Bro. John Drewery erroneously assumed that Dial A Ride was the equivalent of a twenty-five cent Uber lift. On a recent July afternoon Bro. Drewery walked all the way to the Covina City Hall and registered with Dial-A-Ride. When he called up Dial-A-Ride to get back to the Covina Campus he was informed that the service only takes reservations for rides. Dial-A-Ride only picks you up immediately if they have no other reservations scheduled. There were no reservations available that day and so John walked all the way back to shared housing.

Bro. Drewery has informed me that he will probably never use Dial-A-Ride because it is of no use to him. As we both agreed, you are better off just calling Uber or Lyft and paying ten dollars for a one way trip instead of trying to get a twenty-five cent ride by using “Dial-A-Reservation.