Change Your Voice Change Your Life

Conscious Transformation of Subconscious Speech Patterns

In 2015 I wrote a blog about speech pattern transformation. Now four years later I am finally able to start practicing what I have been preaching. This morning at breakfast I practiced speaking in my new voice wherein I pronounce every word. Lately due to my new neuromuscular disorder I cannot understand my own words when I am speaking. Therefore I need to become a more thoughtfully spoken person so that other people as well as myself can understand my words. I need to speak more carefully instead of just machine gunning my words the way I was taught as a child. It is my intention to begin to speaking more from my heart instead of my head in a conscious transformation of my communication style. I am speaking less and enjoying it more and hopefully people in my community will enjoy my voice more now that I am using it less. Our communication is our personality. As I continue to refine my vocal style this change is also reflected in my writing style. I can feel my transgressive writing style begin to soften up a little bit. The problem is that the Internet does not like subtlety. People only read this blog if it is over the top.

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Emissaries of Consciousness Transformation

The Emissaries of Divine Light and Asian people have influenced the self-transformation of my voice. The first EDL services that I went to the speaker used a very soft and quiet voice. If you go to the EDL website or YouTube today and listen to one of the Emissaries services David Karchere speaks in a moderate voice although not quiet as mystical as his predecessors that I am used too. Also listen to the way Asian people speak. Thai people have been like free lessons in speech softening to me. Asian’s seem to have a much more refined and sophisticated way of presenting themselves. I am grateful for all of these influences in my conscious transformation of my voice and therefore my personality. The purpose of writing this blog is to remind myself to speak in a more measured and thoughtful manner.

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