Yogi Bhajan’s Deleted History

Bhajanist Conspiracy Cult

Yogi Bhajan radically changed his alleged yogi lineage by altering the historical record of who his teachers were.  Thanks to Professor Deslippe’s work at the University of Santa Barbara it becomes easier to track the evolution of the Bhajanist conspiracy cult built up around Yogi Bhajan.  The Bhajanist conspiracy cult exists to promote the business interests of Siri Singh Sahib, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Yoga West and 3HO.  There are no known archival photographs of Yogi Bhajan with his teachers.  If there were, the Bhajanists would have used them like they use they only known archival photos of a shirtless Yogi Bhajan demonstrating a basic kriya.  In his early days Yogi Bhajan espoused devotion to Maharaj Virsa Singh.  There are independent eye witness accounts of Yogi Bhajans first days in Los Angeles where he put Virsa Singh’s sandals on his bed and slept on the floor. But in his modern story his teacher has now become Sant Hazara Singh. 

Yogi Bhajan’s Unacknowledged Teachers 

teachers denied by bhajanist conspiracy cult

No Independent Information Available on Sant Hazara Singh.

sant hazara singh not hindu

It is well known that Sikh’s do not practice yoga.  

conspiracy cult scholar philip deslippe

Philip Deslippe

Muchas gracias to Philip Deslippe for providing my reading for the next few days in the form of his academic research journals on Yogi Bhajan and 3HO.  His work is used without permission on this website.  Professor Delippe has filled in a lot of the blanks in my understanding of American yoga. There is a large body of information available on Sikh holy men coming to America.  One thing that stands out to me is that nobody is mentioning that Sikhs are from the Dalit untouchable caste. Dalits were not allowed to become holy men under the old facist caste system.  It seems at though this untouchable factor would render them all fakes as opposed to Advaita Hindu yogis. 

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