Meet my friend Marcus Dalton the conspiracy theorist.

This morning Marcus claims that he is not a conspiracy theorist he is a conspiracy enthusiast. Marcus Dalton is a self-creating, self-perpetuating conspiracy machine.

Why do people create conspiracy theories? Posting political conspiratorial screeds is how they entertain themselves and their friends over the warm glow of a laptop screen. I am watching the pandemic turn closet conspirators into flaming fonts of disinformation. Witness the solitary conspiracy theorist creating and disseminating his own conspiracy theories and conspiracy energy on Facebook. He signs off on his misinformation as “we” but he is really only one. Like me, he types fast.

He is a master manipulator who just gets off on perpetrating his mind games and showing off his Adobe Photoshop skills. The pseudo-anarchist can gauge his public’s opinion in real time “likes” and “comments” on FB. His momentary conspiracy theories will forever blow with the winds of his conspiracy energy. The conspiracy energy will remain after the conspiracy theories change.

conspiracy theorist fake news
Fakebook photo created by Marcus Dalton.

It is a privilege to peer into the self-constructed world of the hoax creators on Fakebook. The level of creativity is at a very high level with these pseudo-conspiracy theorists and hoax creators. These reality manipulators are some of the more exciting friends that I have.

Delta Surge Entertainment

The hoax creator is merely amusing himself on Facebook just like I am. The conspiracy theorist is playing a game with his audience. The social interaction of the media provides pseudo-validation, just like it does for me. I am careful not to give my hoax obsession too much of my precious time and energy. Sometimes engaging a cheap hoax feels guilty like watching a really bad movie with no script feels guilty.

Smugly Superior

My conspiracy creating Facebook friend is one of my most interesting friends. My little friend is having a harmless laugh as we all while away the long nights and weekends of eternal pandemic isolation. Similar to NXIVM theorist Keith Ranierre sitting in his prison cell laughing about all of the pussy and money he conned with his mind games. What gratification does my friend obtain on FB? The thrill of being in charge of the con. The rush of counting the cards and controlling the action.

Marcus is blogging on Facebook and here I am blogging on LegalNoodle

The irony is that Marcus Dalton taught me how to blog. Now his blog is sitting idle while I am constantly entertaining myself with my blog. What a sad commentary on the state of the pandemic that I am reduced to entertaining myself with anti-vaxxer friends on FB. I just read that there is an alpha, betta and gamma variant. Dr. Fauci says to get ready for MU.

Marcus replied to this blog by posting that he is not a conspiracy theorist he is a conspiracy enthusiast. It never ends with Marcus. It just keeps going on an on. Around and around. Always returning to the same nonsensical beginning.

conspiracy theorist marcus dalton facebook  post