Group Belief Systems

This page on constructing belief systems has undergone several major edits and overhauls and that is why it is one long page with a lot of information.  Someday I will re-work this page to more articulately focus upon self-constructed belief systems.

This website began as a legal content outlet for a now-defunct paralegal service and morphed into the story of my personal transformation.  This specific page actually began as the chronicle of my yoga practice and kundalini in particular.  When I discovered that the kundalini yoga of  Yogi Bhajan was vastly different from the kundalini yoga of Saraswati Sivananda I began to explore the construction of belief systems.   

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CONSTRUCTING BELIEF SYSTEMS | How to Create Your Own Religion

This website and this page will evolve to be a comprehensive guide on the practice of constructing belief systems.  This website tries to be an instruction guide on how to use WordPress to create your own tantric quasi-religious belief system.  The main templates are two thought systems which both originated in Hollywood at Melrose Avenue Bookstores.  Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan and Daism by Adi Da Samraj are just two of the many religious movements created in Los Angeles which are important in my spiritual development. These are the foundations of my credentials in constructing belief systems.

The only church I ever officially joined was the Founders Church of Religious Science located downtown on 6th Street.  The belief system called Religious Science created by Ernest Holmes in the 1950’s no longer exists.  Daism still exists in a few locations and Kundalini Yoga, Inc. is thriving world wide. 

constructing belief systems
Vedic icons are used by the practitioner to create internal visual meditation imagery. You can, if you think you can.  -Norman Vincent Peale.  God only exists within your own consciousness. -Goldsmith

EDITORS NOTE:  When creating your own gay tantric religion you may want to consider your own local customs.  For example, the year-round nudity of gay tantra here in LA may be physically or culturally inappropriate in your own locality.  This page is a work in progress begun over the week of the 4th of July 2018 in suburban LA.  

Early Days  

My own tantric journey began in 1971 at age fourteen years by practicing hatha yoga in my living room while watching yoga lessons on PBS.  I progressed to the next level by using a little paperback book by Richard Hittleman purchased new for $1.75 at a Verdugo Hills High School book fair.  This all happened in the backwoods swamps of Tujunga, California where the only snakes that I ever encountered were rattle snakes. 

It was my understanding that the indicator of the primal kundalini experience was some type of coiled serpent action.  The coiled snakes of Yogi Bhajan’s kundalini religion have never revealed themselves to me while practicing any type of kundalini, kriya or tantric yoga.  Thanks to Dev Avtar I could visualize the chakras as glandular energy centers but I could never visualize any serpentine action.  I spent years practicing kundalini yoga but I never got the snake thing.  How many levels to the kundalini religion are there?  Maybe I missed one. 

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In 2017 when I was sixty years old I paid $3,400 to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One with Adarsh Kaur, Sat Devbir Singh and Guru Singh at Yoga West. This all took place in Beverly Hills, California.  There was even a movie star kundalini yoga teacher included in the deal named Libby Hudson.  You’ve heard of her, right?  

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Kundalini Religion

Yoga West.  What a joke ha ha ha!  I learned more about kundalini yoga at the Bay Club and Equinox gyms.  I learned more about real yoga from laughing yoga teacher Josie Kramer than I did from the sanctimonious white robed snake oil salesman on Robertson Boulevard.   My latest MRI fails to reveal any snakes coiled about my spine and DNA screening is also serpent negative. 

daya kaur's guru bullshit

Dear God: 

Thank you for saving me from Sat Devbir Singh, Dya Kaur, Adarsh Kaur and the entire fake Kundalini religion.   In October 2017 I left the desert and came to Culver City to study Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One at Yoga West. 

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What a wild and crazy ride I had with Dya Kaur at KYTT!

vedic sexism

Of all the things to do and spend my money on I chose Yoga West.

constructing belief systems

What an amazing adventure.

I would do it all over again.

constructing belief systems

Adarsh Kaur had me ex-communicated from the Church of Yoga West.

kaur baby

I received a full refund of my $3,400 teacher training tuition and got to keep the books.

constructing belief systems

It was like receiving free Aquarian teacher training manuals.

LEFT HAND TANTRA | Using Shiva Shakti Union to Explode Dormant Energy

Nice.  Frees up my time for nude gay tantric pool parties in the suburbs of LA this summer.