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Divi WordPress Content Modules: Text is Now a Module Just Like Graphics Always Was

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May 2020 UPDATE: I no longer pay for Divi and so all of the Divi bells and whistles have now been deleted.  Working in the new Divi WordPress modules, text becomes just another module like video or galleries. Actually the text module should be called the post text editor module.  In this new style content creation text is democratized as a content element. Having to intentionally choose a text module is a little unusual for me as a writer, usually word and publishing applications default to text editors.  I am getting used to switching back and forth and in and out of the text editor. One more technical step is added to bogging now that the text editor is a discreet module and not a default click on the dashboard. 

In today’s evolved art style choosing the text module or choosing a graphics module to begin is a normal part of the modern content creator’s design process. Today you do not have to be a programmer to choose how you want to lay out the text, graphics, video and applications on your posts or pages. This new way is better because it gives the creator more freedom, you just have to learn a little bit more about integrating text like you always had to integrate video and graphics. 

The range of choices sitting here at my new WordPress dashboard are vast, astounding and a little bit overwhelming. I am glad it is New Year’s Weekend so I can take the liberty of just stretching out and learning on the job here. I am going to just churn out posts and pages this weekend so that by Monday I can be as fast and productive on this new dashboard as I was on the old one.  


Artistic Content Liberation

This is a new day and a new year and a new life of artistic liberation for me.  I have returned to my roots as an artist.  I am living my life the way I want to. I am doing what I would be doing no matter what I should be doing. Even when I was a paralegal I enjoyed doing my marketing and promotions more than I enjoyed doing the actual legal work. I am going to return to that.

I will bring excitement and interest to your website. My intention is to demo this website as a Woo Commerce store an/or other seductive modern on-line demonstration applications to interest you. I will sell words and word packages. Copy writing editing and publishing. I will write your posts and publish them right here for $100.00 total costs everything included. Stay tuned for my Bloom plug-in for opt-in animations. I will probably also add the Monarch plug-in for social media. 


The Module is the Message


Effective public relations, propaganda and copy writing must be contextualized for the blog format. The medium is the message means that the meaning is embedded in the webpage technology.  Therefore the new content creator modules could also be abstractly referred to as meaning modules.

Fresh clean fun interaction with my text UI. That is what is happening here. Below are three columns of blurb modules. All of the best theme customizers from Elegant Themes have been re-vamped as modules here. In other words there is now a module to add and control a call out button or the old blurb icon functions.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.