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What Skill Set Do I Need to Become a Freelance Digital Media Content Creator?

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A Contract Content Creator Requires a Digital SEO Skill Set

Are you a persuasive writer with a background in creating compelling documents that require citation of authority? In other words can you back up your claims with quotes and outbound links? Do you have experience creating engaging and compelling take-away products on web pages such as free document templates? Have you ever created a life style experience by writing about it on the Internet? Content creators are the new masters of product branding and marketing on the Internet. A content creator has the hybrid skill set of a traditional of a salesman and the new tools of SEO and key word strategist.  

New brands often need these specialized new writers and editors to carry out their branding visions, educational missions, and promotional campaigns. Are you knowledgeable about esoteric subject matter such as holistic approaches to nutrition, alternative medicine, and healthy lifestyles? Are you an experienced writer, content developer and strategist, and interested in teaching the public about health, nutrition and sexual liberation? If so, there may positions open for your unique skill set. 

Alternative health foundations are often seeking digital writers to write about a variety of topics revolving around a healthy idiosyncratic lifestyle as seen through the lens of higher consciousness. LegalNoodle has recently been re-branded and intends to educate the public about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Our new brand leads with meditation and gluten free diets and includes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including environment (stress, air, allergies at work and in the home, etc.) vaccines, homeopathy, supplements, treating inflammation, herbs, mental health, autoimmune disorders, water quality, and more. We work on a part-time, contract basis that allows for working remotely.

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Content Creator Qualifications

Content creators are experienced in writing and content and copy editing. These professionals usually have prior experience producing content for a website or other digital property. These are usually inquisitive individuals who have broad liberal arts backgrounds and interests in esoteric subject matter concerning alternative health and lifestyles. 

Experience working with content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress is crucial. How are you going to create, publish, and manage a large output of writing?  We only know how to use WordPress. Content creators should have the ability to write with a friendly, active, energetic, engaging, and, at times, attention-grabbing tone. This is a must for today’s Internet writing style. Writing experience that combines familiarity with authority is required to give a brand and its’ website credibility.

Content creators have the ability to write purposeful, powerful, succinct, fact-filled content required to gain a click through audience. Employers often give preference to those writers with lifestyle-writing experience. The content creator’s ability to properly reference studies and other sources is a must. Digital writers must have the ability to incorporate references into writing to back up facts. Proper citation of all authority is required. Many uber content creators have experience with Chicago Manual of Style and/or the AMA Manual of Style. It is useful to have some knowledge of, or experience with, content strategy and copy writing.

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The Tipping Point of the Uber Content Creator: Keywords and SEO

The top content creators have knowledge of key-word embedded titles and subtitles. There is an art and science to working in SEO-required key words, while maintaining a natural tone and writing for target audience. As with all writing production a working knowledge of basic word processing programs such as Word, WordPerfect or license free OpenOffice is required. 

People who are serious about this field have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, Marketing, Communications or related field such as Radio-TV-Broadcasting. 

Content Creator Responsibilities

Here is some job posting language copied and pasted from a recent listing for a digital writer on Craigslist:

Content creators produce and write approximately 800-word blog articles consistent with a healthy lifestyle brand, written for a target audience of Generation X (30-60 years old, and interested in alternative lifestyles, health and nutrition.) Blogs will be featured on an upcoming website. 

Content Creator Keys:

The best content creators produce content that gives clear take-aways to readers. These days a website has to give its audience something. A factoid or better yet a document or list. You have to give your readers a recipe for chicken soup to heal their soul. The recipe must be factually accurate, concise, well-suited to a digital environment, and incorporates your brand’s key word and content strategy. An authoritative content creator demonstrates how to identify and incorporate proper references (studies, books, instructors, professionals, etc.) The trick is to speak in a unique voice engaging readers. Style involves working unique “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” references into blog articles and web content to give authority and credence to the facts and claims you are writing about. The best digital divas create a unique hybrid technological style that keeps readers coming back for quality. 

A resourceful content creator can re-purpose older content into new, fresh, digital content. Sourcing photos for blog articles and other digital content is cutting edge strategy for today’s photograph and image intensive pop culture lifestyle. High end producers create content suitable for sharing on social media, or featuring in a video course. A persuasive writer has the ability to write rebuttals to breaking health and alternative culture news stories. A content creator may report to an Executive Director, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief or Director of Marketing as needed.

Content Creator is the Rockstar of the Internet

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Great multimedia digital content creators are the new rockstars of the Internet today. Creating exciting, compelling and useful content is one of the most important communication skills of today. Content creator combines aspects from many multimedia disciplines. Even touch typing becomes an artistic chop to the modern digital writer. Digital writers get paid by the word. The going rate for content creators is between $.06 and $.10. Content creators must be able to articulately state exactly why they deserve to be paid ten cents per word. Ten cents per word for a 900 word article is $90. This is not a high paying business. This is a highly skilled niche that not all writers can do. You must know the Holy Grail of search engine optimization and that is key words. Key word strategy creates a reality construct style of writing. Key words as a requirement have led to a lifestyle type of Internet writing.

Questions are often used in this type of branding and lifestyle writing. Questions engage and activate the reader. The key to this type of writing is a succinct style that reaches out and grabs the reader. In the age of the Internet a writer must command and engage his readers attention as soon as possible. The digital writer gives his reader a take away. The reader takes away something. An factoid. An image. A metaphor. 

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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