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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content marketing. What a ubiquitious pairing of words these days. The buzz word content marketing has almost become an oxymoron. Marketing is constantly evolving over time. This is shown by the marketing statistics at This evolution includes content marketing. Call it content copy writing with a better alibi if you ask me. A lot of the new web lexicon is smoke and mirrors marketing of snake oil in a digital format. Content marketing smells like American snake oil to me. And I am the prime offender!

Content Ideology

Clients hire me to create content to showcase their ideology. Customers want me to prototype their doctrine and dogma. Products and services are all lifestyle dogma branded with contextual ideology. Belief systems are shockingly easy to create using multimedia and the propaganda tools of mass communications and public relations.

Using images to tell stories is the easiest way on earth to get people to understand and be emotionally swayed by your agenda. Tell your story with digital content strategy to reach your niche or your mass audience. These days you can build your empire small by finding the customers who are best served by your message.

The power is in the hands of you the people. It is time to use content public relations strategy to turn the tables on blind obedience to mass consumerism. The great recession is a blessing in disguise. The economic slowdown is a wake up call to action. If people just stop buying stuff the system will be forced to self-correct. Marketing higher consciousness is then possible.The collective mind, body and soul of the planet is ready to wake up to tranformational thinking. Today anyone with a WordPress site can learn how to publish content marketing optimized for the search engines. YouTube is an easy international content platform capable of effectively delivering any type of mass media message.

ISIS is into content infomercial marketing a revolutionary pseudo-Islamic lifestyle branded with violence. Your assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to locate ISIS deserters and use their stories as counter propaganda against ISIS.

The NRA has its own branding and content marketing campaign using slick big budget public service announcement multimedia mass communications infomercials on CNN. The content creator tools of digital propaganda have been democratized by the Internet. Anyone with a niche message an get their doctrine and dogma published on the Internet. Take control of your local reality by mastering the tools of the digital multimedia mass communications content creator.