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I love receiving content outreach (cold sales call) emails from promoters requesting free inbound links.

Are you a web content promoter searching for sources of inbound links? Look no further. You have hit the motherlode of untapped influence. I love receiving content outreach requests from promoters asking me for free links to their sites. It lets me know that people are finding and reading my blogs. Receiving link requests lets me know that I am alive. Use the contact form to send me a request for your free inbound link from If your cause is good, I will promote your agenda for free. This purpose of this website is to influence the free exchange of important information.

Laura from

This morning I responded to a content outreach request by Laura from Gatsby.TV. She asked me to add her Nomadland review link to my Hulu blog. So I added her link to that blog and this blog. Now I am even posting her video of her review. Laura is a real go-getter who even has a YouTube video of her reading her Nomadland Review. Check out the British accent:

Would you like me to add a link to your site like I did for Laura and Nomadland? Send me an email. The only request I have ever denied was for a retail mobile phone company that seemed shady. I only post reviews of real products that I personally believe in. Nomadland is the movie that got me to sign up for Hulu.

I love receiving email from anyone.

Thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to contact me. Even the spammers who somehow managed to use my contact form, thank you for trying. I am finally starting to feel lonely as we close out our second year of the pandemic. Therefore I appreciate all email, Facebook requests, replies, etc.

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