Don’t Get Mad, Get the Money!

Problem As Meal Ticket

Glen and Cruz Castelazo are two problems in my life that I need to convert into a big fat meal ticket.  Castelazo & Associates owes me damages for breaching their oral contract to give me an insurance sales job is I obtained my insurance agent license.  I got my license but Glen never gave me a job.  Now Glen is harassing me into buying a Kangen machine from him. I do not want to spend the rest of my life being sucked dry by multi-level snake oil salesmen. 

If you are a wrongdoer violating state or federal law your criminal investigation will be used as a meal ticket for this website. Search bots go where the fresh food is and that means new, useful and interesting content. The goal is to create law enforcement and/or legislative interest in illegal and inappropriate conduct. John Herriot and anyone aiding and abetting registered child sex offenders are at the top of the hit list. Camp JCA Shalom Malibu continues to permit California Men Enjoying Naturism to conduct workshops and events that may be promoting pedophilia and these activities must be monitored. Every name associated with Camp Shalom must be cross-indexed with Jeff Calvert, Esq., CMEN, youth league baseball uniforms, pedophilia, gay registered sex offenders and other tokens and key words.

Criminal investigation takes years of tedious, eye-straining work and therefore the goal is to somehow monetize this huge endeavor. In order to win you must find a way to turn your problems into assets. Registered gay child offender John Herriot tried to prevent this blog from exposing his criminal past by creating a rumor that there is a restraining order against this investigation and therefore Herriot and his associates must be converted into a meal ticket in order to finance this website.

eating glen castelazo money

Criminal Investigation

The only services provided by this website are the attorney supervised research, investigation and discovery of civil and criminal wrongdoing. Please don’t call asking for typing services because this website is no longer licensed and insured to provide services checking the boxes on court forms. You should never call anyone on the phone anyway, always text, email or put it in some form of writing so people will be able to take you seriously. When in doubt concerning these types of matters, always consult with an attorney.

If you want to build a legal case with evidence, statutes and persuasive writing, then have a lawyer email Please do not contact this website requesting research and investigation services unless you are an active member of the State Bar of California.   

Gay Child Sex Trafficking

During the course of any criminal investigation, the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier. Herriot and Camp JCA Shalom Malibu have been operating without scrutiny for twenty years and the filth has finally hit the fan. Where do you stand? Is there a deep dark conspiracy between Herriot and Camp Shalom? Why does Camp Shalom continue to place children in harms way?    

meal ticket