They Say That Dr. Pierrakos Came at Everyone With a Wide Open Heart

This following article is freely adapted from an essay by Dr. Pam Chubbock: My Healing Journey With Dr. John Pierrakos: Learning to Love

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John Pierrakos, Alexander Lowen, Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics practitioners opened up my mind to seeing and working with energy. The key is to come from the heart. A teacher comes at his students with love. The key is to open myself more fully to love. When I have felt the love of a teacher or therapist on the level of Core Energetics and Sexologist Dr. Paul McDuff, I know that that love can heal me. Just knowing that such love exists enables me to create the manifestation: This love can heal me. 

Chakras are Rotating Energy Centers

Knowledge of the human energy field and the chakras assists me in helping people heal. This innovative technique requires intuition. I can see and perceive the human energy field and the chakras. Kundalini yogis taught me to perceive and measure love energy. 

core energeticsIt was not possible to fully experience my spiritual core until I worked to uncover the way I cheated my life force. In what way do I hold back my true self. How do I kill my Life Force? How do I kill your loving feelings?” By answering these questions I discover how I stop my energy flow. I was the one who stopped it now and I could not blame anyone else, past or present. The tragedy is not what happened to you as a child, the tragedy is that you can not give or receive love now.

In order to experience my divine spiritual nature I must uncover and expose my hidden wounds and express my negative feelings fully. I must look for my distortions about life; how I drew negativities to myself, and how to work toward changing that. I create my reality and take full responsibility for everything in my life, the good and the so called “bad”. By taking responsibility I give myself total freedom.

The Three Pillars of Core Energetics

Core Energetics uses group dynamics to teach me to open up and receive the love of the universe so that I can understand the psychodynamics of my hate, negativity and murder. By feeling my darkness I loved myself into the light.

I have learned to recognize and process:

1. My mask – (false self),

2. My woundedness – (my lower self), and

3. My divine nature of my human being – (my higher self or Core self).

risk loveRisk Love

to the Core

By risking to open my heart to give love and accept love I make the moment to moment choice to embody Christ Consciousness. I make moment to moment choices to keep opening to love even when the going gets rough. I am a divine being, a man of God.

I learned to forgive my parents for being human manifestations of the same flavor divinity as me. My parents and I are in a therapeutic relationship where everyone is learning and neither is better or worse than the other. Working through the heart and connecting from core to core is the best way to help someone.

My intention is to be a person with a new heart. I walk the bridge between the psychology of emotions and spirituality. Love is the only energy in the universe. Everything else is a distortion – a cry for love. I have learned to surrender to my body, and to be human as well as divine.

Substituting Flavors of Emotion

I no longer believe in my demons, the negative creeps I create in my own mind to keep me stuck in the molecules of bittersweet dark flavored emotion. I have learned to believe and trust in my core, my higher self and my spiritual longings. Life is a spiritual evolutionary process. Everything, (especially the most difficult challenges), is an opportunity for me to become more conscious. I am getting myself addicted to the positive warm gushing light-flavored hormones of love and bonding. 

After I pray I stop gazing at my navel and try and go out and do something good and decent in the world . . . 

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