The Three Layer Self Model of Human Behavior and Analysis

The Core Energetics Model of Self:

The Core Energetics model of human behavior is a three level matrix of personality. Each give off different visible and measurable energies. This behavioral model proposes that at any given moment, depending upon the situation, people react from these three layers of personality either consciously or unconsciously. 

1.  The mask is our superficial defense mechanism known as the personality. These self-constructed outermost layers are the parts we show-off to the world when everyone is looking. Doctor, lawyer, businessman, preacher, rock star, blogger, etc.

What mask do you wear? core energetics model

This grandiose amalgamation of survival strategies and defense mechanisms employed by the ego to transmute or numb the childhood hurts, adult failures, and unfulfilled emotional and sexual needs of the past. Everyone has this mask which is the aspect of personality that attempts to reflect the idealization of who people believe they are supposed to be.

Is your mask the real you?


The mask distorts qualities of both the higher and lower self. Core Energetics taught me that I distort my love into self-denying and submissive behavior and my wisdom is transformed into withdrawal. By presented my serious “sad Dean” face to the world this self-important mask blocks my true energy and I become stagnant. I lack authenticity by repressing my spontaneity to become the together person I think I am supposed to be. By expressing my innate qualities of child-like awe and wonder I become real. I become fully aware of myself and able to express myself in this blog.

Did I make a new mask?

2.  The lower self is the wounded part of my personality existing below the mask that I attempt to repress and deny. This disowned sexual energy reflects my dark side that I keep separate and secret from other people.

The good news is that this subconscious negative side is rich in untapped energy and power, if I know how to own it and use it. I must become aware of my dark side so that I do not use this awesome energy destructively upon myself or others. I created my dark self from my infantile desire to numb the pain of childhood. This caused dissociation from the emotions of loneliness and sadness. I developed the ability to separate or schism my thought processes. I escaped by reading books and creating my own little world in my head. However as a result of my dissociation I began to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal numbness.By developing a Core Energetics practice I became aware of my lower self and how it operates. I worked on myself and became aware of my many different masks and lower selves. I saw how I employ the same needy emotional techniques of my mother. I became an emotional vampire. Leaning too heavily on people, or forcing myself upon them until they had no choice but to escape my blood sucking personality. I was lucky to have a personal spiritual and sexual mentor who taught me the Core Energetics model of personality.

3.  The higher self is the core beneath both the mask and lower self and represents my pulsing authentic divine self. It is neither good nor bad; rather, it is what is real and true. My higher self demonstrates my ever increasing capacity for connectedness and feelings of vitality. The mask, lower self, and the higher self are all visible in the body.

Can you see the mask, lower and higher energy in yourself and others?

Reference: Energetics and the Three Layers of Personality