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Pornography powers the Internet. Camille Paglia writes about the healing power of pornography. Pornography can be very educational and therapeutic. This post is a therapeutic exercise in the sexual healing power of pornography. After a fifteen year “gay second adolescence” I am feeling over and done with promiscuous homosexuality. Been there and done that with the gay thing. Two years ago God told me to stop going to gay bathhouses and I obeyed. Now I am transitioning back into chaste heterosexuality. If an incredible lover like Johnny Quinlan of Palm Springs came over like he keeps saying he will that will be okay. However I am not out looking for gay sex anymore and I do not have a gay presence online or in real life anymore. This all happened as a result of me becoming a Core Energetics sexual healer using Ann Bradney as my fantasy sexual surrogate.

Sexual Surrogate

In 2010 my sexologist Dr. Paul Allen, obgyn, instructed me to attend Ann Bradney’s Core Energetics Community Nights as part of my emotional intimacy training. Ann calls her Core Energetics franchise Radical Aliveness. She has a nice studio at the Santa Monica, California airport with plenty of free parking. Ann Bradney became my fantasy sexual surrogate and has helped me to reclaim my heterosexual tendencies. Using an Ann Bradney look alike, I became a Core Energetics sexual healer.

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Core Energetics Sexual Healer

One particular evening there was a real lull in the action. In a spontaneous moment of courage I stated that I wanted to become a Core Energetics sexual healer. A young African-American woman scoffed and took command of the group with whatever she was into, I have forgotten. I don’t even remember the black girl’s name and that is unusual for me I am am usually really good with names. When the African girl pushed me aside, Patricia Haman made a verbal protest at the rudeness of the girl’s response to my daring statement. Ann Bradney looked at me and then looked away. Ann was very exclusionary towards me and refused to engage me in any Core “work”.

It was a really awkward and embarrassing evening for me in real life but I made it better with God later. I was really surprised that Ann Bradney just let me walk away feeling like that. God healed everything in my heart. The healing power of these photographs of an Ann Bradney look alike are extremely effective self-care and self-therapy for me.

My mentor Paul Allen first did Core Energetics therapy work with Ann in New York. When Ann struck out on her own and moved to Santa Monica, Dr. Allen moved to California to be in her new Radical Aliveness four year program.

Dr. Allen taught me how to keep my eyes open and be with my lover. He made me into a real Core Energetics sexual healer.

Go Ann Bradney Go! I LOVE THIS WOMAN
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It took me sixty years to figure out how to do this.

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