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UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR | Don’t Make Mistakes Creating Fakebook Profiles

Undercover Investigators on Facebook

Before you begin any investigation ask yourself what could go wrong? First off, one of the most common mistakes made by beginning undercover investigators is posting staged photographs on social media. Running a psychological operation is not as easy as hiring a professional model and photographer. Becoming a private undercover investigator not as easy as simply posting a series of fake wedding photos on Facebook. If you are posting too many staged photographs of your undercover operation on the Internet you could cause your entire investigation to fail. Prevent on-the-job injuries by avoiding dumb mistakes. Safety First!

How Long Can An Amateur Investigation Continue?

Did your investigation start to fail because of posting photos on Facebook? Usually the second question the investigator needs to ask herself is, how long can this go on? The answer is that any investigation can continue as long as there are resources to support it. As long as Kojak Columbo are on the payroll they are happy and smiling for the camera in Baja California. As long as the undercover private investigators are being paid then their investigation can continue.

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What Are You Investigating?

Lastly, you should always ask yourself the over riding question, what am I investigating? Sometimes amateur investigators can lose track of exactly what the are doing. Are you investigating or are you just running an amateur psychological operation. If you are running a psychological operation then what results have you achieved for your efforts.

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Call It Investigating or Catfishing It is Just Lying

Everybody is lying on Facebook these days. Some may fancy themselves as undercover investigators but you they are really just garden variety liars. Some people call it investigating and some people call it catfishing but it is all really just lying. You are just another liar posting fake photographs on social media like a juvenile delinquent. Fakebook is full of fake friends finding ways to foul up your life.

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You Are My Meal Ticket

You are not a real undercover operative you are just an amateur giving me something to write about. You are just another person taking up my valuable time. Except now I am making a meal ticket out of you just like I told you I would.

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