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COUNTER PSYOPS: There is No Violence in True Islam


Learn the Cliff Notes to Your Adversary’s Religion

The Five Pillars of Islam are:

1. Faith,
2. Prayer,
3. Charity,
4. Fasting – Ramadan,
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Young Americans being recruited by ISIS mentors need to ask their handlers this question while they are being groomed: How does violence fit into The Five Pillars of Islam? Why do tens of millions of peaceful people practice Islam and why does a minority practice violence as part of their religion? White PSYOPS is the propaganda technique of intentionally initiating communication from any party identified up front. In other words white PSYOPS is real communication of authentic facts and information for a desired purpose. If the desired purpose is to co-opt, dilute and nullify the recruitment of future jihadists then teaching the Five Pillars of Islam becomes a psychological operation to nullify the violent ideology of terrorist organizations using Islam as a unifying force.

White Psyops

This is white hat COUNTER PSYOPS as taught in Latter Day Saints Missionary School.  Mormon missionary’s always learn the major tenets of other person’s religion. That way you can demonstrate credibility and gain confidence. Mormon’s use this form of PSYOPS to convert people to the Mormon religion.  I am using information about the Islamic faith to co-opt, diffuse as negate the violent doctrine of the terrorist hiding behind true Islam. No religion preaches hate and violence. A good PSYOPS can expose the flawed or fraudulent doctrine of the extremist when armed with knowledge.

Creating a high quality PSYOPS campaign is easy. This is how ISIS is becoming so popular. ISIS is easy for young people to find online. ISIS is offering a life. PSYOPS to create an alternative community for young and searching souls are coming online with greater frequency.

Searching souls are attracted to religions that provide a lot of study and ritual. Keeping the green recruit occupied with busy work keeps them in control. The jihadist can edit and control the teaching in a harmful manner. By running PSYOPS with The Five Pillars of Islam, the hearts and minds of the recruits can be opened up and expose the fraudulent dogma of the violent jihadist. .