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Counter Public Relations to Self-Radicalized Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorism

domestic terrorism


Self-Radicalized Home Grown Domestic Terrorism in the Southern California Desert?


Boomerang and Re-Brand Extremist Ideology Into Reformed American Style Islam



Are your teenagers jumping up and running off to Syria to join up with ISIS? Be careful what your kids are doing on the Internet. Radical extremists took an established world religion, empathized it with the filter of a Caliphate for the oppressed, and then processed the dream on the web and turned it into a romantic sub-culture. 

Use ISIS’ same filtering techniques by turning it all around on the jihadists. We need to especially direct public relations propaganda towards the girl powered jihadi currently at the forefront of the domestic and world terrorism scene. Propaganda needs to be directed at the all important 17 to 23 year old female demographic.  We simply need to offer more hope and life than ISIS does. 

Use pop culture to take authentic Islam back from the extremists.  Reform, filter and re-brand Islam into a non-violent alternative spiritual sub-culture. Highlight RumiSufi’s and the mystical aspects of Islamic spirituality. Dilute the fundamentalist message of the violent extremists. America has room for another religion. We already have the over-the-top Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Don’t drive the religious zealots underground. Make them walk among us and show their true colors. Make them all get social security numbers and pay taxes. 

When the Roman Emperor Constantine legalized the Jewish Christ cults in the third century the logistical details of communal living, organizational hierarchies and financing soon outweighed the mystical aspects of Christ consciousness. Ceasing the persecution of the early Christian cults paved the way for the Roman Catholic religion to usurp, undermine and dilute the power of Christ consciousness as a vehicle for mystical union with God. Legalizing Christianity made it malleable as a belief system that could be over laid upon existing pagan societal systems.  

Legalize and assimilate Muslims into the Christian world in the same way that Christianity was assimilated into the pagan world. Water the religious zealots down just like we did the Mormons. The Islamist’s will sell out, everyone sells out in the end. The Mormons were a violent little religious problem until we gave them their own private Utah. Mormons traded polygamy for statehood.  We stopped persecuting Mormons once they started looking and acting more like us.

By assimilating and ceasing unjust persecution of Muslims they can be identified and monitored, regulated and reviewed accordingly. We need Muslims for law enforcement to make sting operation deals with. That only way the government ever catches real criminals is with the use of undercover informants. By using undercover Muslim agents in law enforcement sting operations we can control them like we control the mafia and other sub-cultures. Make Muslims pay their full share of the benefit of living in America. 

Find, develop and cultivate charismatic local Islamic counter ideologues to create pro-Western message of democracy, freedom and the American way of life.  Use Islam as an American unifying factor. Conform Islamic belief to American and Christian belief. Dilute domestic terrorism by co-opting and assimilating Islam into American culture. Make authentic Islam so everyday and acceptable that it loses it’s romantic teenage outsider appeal.

If your child wants to practice Islam then make her demonstrate it with prayer, charity and fasting. Don’t fight it. What you resist persists. Take away the forbidden nature of the forbidden fruit and it loses its appeal. Make it legal and ask people questions about it. Gain credibility in your discourse by learning the five pillars of Islam: Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage to Mecca. Make sure your kid is not just jumping at the first trendy lifestyle that catches her eye. Islam is not the new rock and roll. 


The Five Dimensions of  the Counter Propaganda Message Directed Towards the Lone Wolf


Indonesian counter-terror expert Tito Karnavian created the concept of five dimensions of Sender, Message, Recipient, Mechanism and Context to be considered in comprehensively systematizing a strategy for countering the threat of self-radicalization producing lone wolves. These ideas have been expanded upon and discussed in greater detail in this article written as a solution proposition to the December 2015 husband and wife lone wolf pack domestic terrorism shooting in San Bernardino, California. 




Potential weaknesses in the purveyors of extremest ideology must be discovered and exploited. What vices do any mullahs, leading figures or icons of ISIS have?  What standard of living does ISIS provide?  Are new recruits changing their minds and leaving?  Is ISIS really beating new recruits to death?  This is valuable information that can be used to create counter messages. Counter ideologues must be found and developed who can eloquently couch messages in terms that will resonate with local audiences.

These new anti-martyrdom ideologues must be seen by the target community to possess unimpeachable integrity. Create believable media products that illustrate the fallacy life after death with virgins and destroy the belief system that glorifies death. Expose jihadi as incompatible with true Islam.  Create user friendly Islam.  


domestic terrorism



Cultivate Western Mullahs with Pro-Western Mantras:


The West Gives You Freedom of Religion


Only the First Amendment is Worth Dying For





Vulnerable young individuals sitting in front of computer screens whose emotional development is proceeding slower than their mental ability to analyze and comprehend reality.  Simplistic youthful black and white binary thinking is easily manipulated by skillful extremest ideologues.  Persuasive bloggers can easily capture the hearts and minds of searching young souls. 


islam tuarge 2






Moderate blogging debate comparing non-extremist, non-violent Islam to expose and debunk theological weaknesses and contradictions within ISIS extremist ideologies. Creating white PSYOP products to provide financial and social opportunity and community for at risk populations.

Educate and promote non-violent Islamic culture in opposition to ISIS and violent factions. Open minds to a reformed Islamic belief and practice to a world wide audience using exciting and engaging digital technology. Analyze and co-opt the youthful apathy that easily buys into lifestyles created and inseminated by public relations propaganda. 




Style vs. Content


The critical thinking skill required to evaluate digital delivery style vs. content. Create youth awareness about extremist propaganda to allow for the development of a more natural resilience towards persuasive digital content. Just because you see it on the Internet or television does not mean that it is real. Right? 

White PSYOPS incorporates the existing Internet infrastructure into a soft sell of assimilated Islamic values in the great melting pot of America. Simply cook the Islamic dogma into a purely non-violent choice on the smorgasbord of the American Religion Buffet. Mormon, Christian, Jewish or Islamic? The non-violent choice is yours. 

This article was inspired and influenced by the following brilliant two page white paper: Countering the Self-Radicalised Lone Wolf: A New Paradigm? by Kumar Ramakrishna.

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By Dean McAdams

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