The Sixth Deadly Sin

When did gluttony become one of my vices?

Now that I have broken myself of my habit of working out in the gym and injuring my body, I no longer have access to a scale to weigh myself every other day. My gym-free work-outs are much better for me. My body has better definition and I can mediate while exercising outdoors. Since I no longer have access to a scale I try to monitor my abdominal definition in the mirror to see how much I weigh. However, last Friday after eating stir fry I felt salty and fat. Lately I have caught myself preparing and eating much more food than I normally do. My height on my drivers license is 5′-7″ and my usual weight is 144 pounds or so. So over the weekend I purchased a scale on Amazon. Yesterday I self-measured my new height at 5′-6″ due to shrinking with age and entered that into the app with my guessed weight of 145 lbs. After I set up my new scale, to my utter shock and amazement I weighed in at one hundred and fifty two pounds. So I ate a light dinner last night and a smaller breakfast this morning and I clocked in at the 149.4 pounds you see on the featured image for this blog. The app that came with the scale said that I should weigh 132 lbs. We all know what is exactly wrong with our lives and in the back of my mind I knew that I was practicing the sixth deadly sin of gluttony.


All my life I have always been skinny. When I was a seventh grader at Mt. Gleason Jr. High School a girl once made fun of me for being skinny and she devastated my self-confidence. So as a teenager and young adult I became obsessed with working out and bulking up. When you are a youth spending two hours a day in the gym, you can eat as much as you want. Then when I became middle aged I started to get fat just like almost everybody else around me. So I went gluten free and the pounds just faded away like magic. Now that I have my new scale and new awareness, I should be skinny again in no time. That is the reason to have a blog. Now I have made a public commitment in writing to get skinny again.