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Anatomy of a Crime

9-28-2018 UPDATE: 

Cowan has been evicted from 200 E. Racquet Club, Unit #20 by the El Camino Del Sol Home Owners Association and is currently residing at 29613 Calle Tampico in Desperate Hot Springs, CA.  If you see this person walk right up and bitch slap him because he is only dangerous to women and small children. Jeff Cowan is under investigation for child trafficking in the Coachella Valley. 

29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

7-11-2017 UPDATE:

Jeffrey Cowan, Danny Wellchance, Tony Merker, Olga Burrola and Pablo Rivera are wanted for questioning regarding his connection to the residential burglary that occurred at his villa in Palm Springs. This post was originally created on my iPhone 5s after Jeffrey took possession of my Lenovo laptop computer. The purpose of this article is to put Mr. Cowan on notice that his erratic behavior is out of control. Jeffrey is a paranoid schizophrenic on psychiatric medication and he checked himself into a psych ward last Wednesday. Now Jeff is running around calling the Palm Springs Police Department on himself and claiming that he is Rodger Morris.

Jeffrey Cowan Often Sends Anonymous  Messages

If you have ever received an anonymous text, phone call or letter it was probably sent by Jeff Cowan. Most of the people who know Jeff do not speak to him.  He is an underhanded creep who changed his last name just to piss off mommy and daddy, because that’s the kind of guy Jeff Cowan is. 

jeffrey cowan cpa 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Violent Criminal

All Points Bulletin: VIolent Criminal John Herriott and associate Jeffrey Cowan are wanted by Palm Springs Police Department for questioning regarding residential burglary and motor vehicle theft. This post is written on my iPhone and more information will be published when I receive my new replacement laptop this Friday.

4-30-2017 UPDATE: Replacement  laptop due Wednesday

John Herriott and Bobby Resurrecion were aided and abetted by Paul Schneiderman, Rodger Morris and Jeffrey Robert Cowan in breaking into my villa and stealing my car and laptop.

Everyone’s a suspect or a witness in this investigation.

On April 24, 2107, Jeffrey Robert Cowan stole a Lenovo laptop from 200 E. Racquet Club Road, #20, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Stolen Items

2005 NIssan Sentra
Lenovo Laptop
36″ Smart TV

DEAN’S REPLACEMENT LAPTOP IS DELAYED And this is the only reason you are not seeing a detailed account yet.

Please have the adjuster call me at 310-944-2055. I am only talking to adjusters and law enforcement by verbal communications. Everyone else will get details on LegalNoodle when I get new computer in next few days.