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Creating a Brand New Belief System Called “Gay Tantra”

What is gay tantra?  Does such a thing as gay tantra even really exist?   Los Angeles sexologist Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN taught me about creating belief systems and marketable services using slogans such as “gay tantric breathing & eye-gazing.”  The good doctor almost singlehandedly made up the concept of gay nude tantra at Gay Naturist Men’s Gatherings all by himself, mainly because he was the first practitioner of this new medical specialty. 

At Dr. Allen’s first nude gay tantra workshops with CMEN, his assistant Michael Filipowich didn’t even take off his clothes.  That’s how new the concept was when Dr. Allen was doing it.  I don’t think Filipowich could get away with that in today’s tantric marketplace.  Today even heterosexuals sometimes attend gay tantra workshops because of the cutting edge ideas and experiential workshops offered. 

gay tantra los angeles

Now there are a lot of well qualified and certified medical practitioners selling gay tantra workshops.  You can even find gay tantra on Facebook now.   Gay men are always looking for ways to enhance their sexual experience and so marketeers like Dr. Allen give them what they want:  tantric anal masturbation workshops.  I know because I learned it all from promoters like Dr. Allen.  I was the teaching assistant at his last tantric workshop in Malibu.

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The Importance of Mental Representation in Creating New Belief Systems

Creating belief systems by using stunning new mental representations using WordPress is easy.  After a while you become very experienced at grabbing a few images, writing a few hundred words of copy, and creating useful and informative web pages.  Last weekend I also created the new page for “Creating Belief Systems” that you now see on the menu bar of this website.  New menu bar pages were also recently added for fraud and slander.  The menu tabs on a WordPress site let the world and the search engines know what your website focuses on.  This website is focused on creating new sexual, spiritual and emotional belief systems. 

Wikpedia | Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty. Another way of defining belief sees it as a mental representation of an attitude positively oriented towards the likelihood of something being true.[1]

Creating Belief Systems | Use a Striking Tantric Illustration

Forty years ago in a Melrose Avenue bookstore Yogi Bhajan created Kundalini yoga by blending Sikhism, pure kundalini yoga, and his own ego.  Yogi Bhajan understood the importance of using stunning images in your promotional materials. 

Tantric can be broadly defined as any unorthodox or non-Vedic belief or teaching.

Kundalini Kreator Yogi Bhajan taught me a lot about creating tantric belief systems.

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajan

Tips on Flyers and Posters, page 292

  • Use uniquely colored paper
  • Avoid the standard pastels
  • Avoid the standard paper size
  • Keep information interesting and brief
  • Avoid worn-out phrases
  • Use a striking illustration 

This webpage is my tantric demonstration of creating belief systems using WordPress.
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