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Creating Compelling Web Copy

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web copy writing

Web Copy

What is the difference between web copy and old school advertising copy? Web copy is more mentoring and informative than traditional in-your-face ad copy.  The content creators of today are infomercial educators rather than used car hucksters. Web authors seduce and entice audiences by arousing their curiosity and best, prurient interests at worse.

Writing seductive web copy requires an understanding of how human beings sublimate their sexual and violent urges. People deny their real desires by purchasing commercial products and services. By informing people that they must purchase a sexy automobile in order to be sexually desirable the masses can be kept in line.

Caitlin Jenner is really just a great big promotional campaign for women’s fashion and accessorize. Thanks to Caitlin more men will rush out and buy expensive women’s clothing and fashion accessories. Even Caitlin’s automobile “accident” on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California is really just an advertisement.  Caitlin is also selling big black SUV’s and gasoline. The whole Kardashian thing is really just to get the masses to focus outside themselves for meaning and fulfillment. When the day is done and the common people with no dreams of their own are all alone, all they can do is go online and buy a little black dress on Amazon Prime.

So You Want a Job Writing Interesting Web Copy?

In technology it is important to have a platform to launch your self from, no matter where your career is at, or where you are going. If you want to be an Internet content creator you must have a killer web site to showcase your dynamic visual skills. You must be up-to-the-minute with your look. In this present web site design moment that means full screen graphics. If you have a full screen graphic like the one on the home page here at LegalNoodle, then your site will look modern and credible. You can get free wide screen WordPress themes or you can do what we did and pay a few dollars for a quality theme.

For Interesting Copy Do Interesting Things

If  you want to write interesting web copy then live an interesting life. My field is the inner life. Mysticism and meditation are the things that really interest me. I am also into sexual and emotional intimacy with lovers and the world. By living an interesting life I think I bring something to the table as an Internet writer.  Slowing down and taking a break from daily technology usage needs to be tempered, balanced and integrated into social, sexual and spiritual interaction with the universe. When I slow down and listen to the still small voice within I travel to places I cannot get to on an airplane or boat. Inner travel is my special connection to the universe.

Mass multimedia public relations propaganda will always need dynamic content creators to use art and image to alter public perception and behavior.