Kundalini Yoga

Creating Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan changed the name of the fundamental yoga asana Down Dog to Triangle. He also modified the sacred Om into a nine-syllable Sikh chant.  The Bhajanist religion created composite imagery borrowed freely from both Sikhism and Catholic inspired folklore sham artists.

Yoga West is part of a billion dollar international conglomerate called Siri Singh Sahib, Inc.  The Sahib is the most sacred book in the Sikh religion.  Yoga West’s sister entity Akal Security, Inc. may have at one time sub-contracted with ICE.  Yoga West may be directly linked to the separation of children from their parents at the border.

siri singh sahib inc organizational flow chart

In 2017 faced with the choice of doing whatever I wanted to do in life, I chose to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level One, at Yoga West in Beverly Hills, California.  By an act of Divine Providence I answered one of Guru Singh’s questions incorrectly and was summarily rejected by the Sikh sub-religion of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.  I continued to take five to six classes a week for five months until Adarsh finally kicked me out of Yoga West for good in March of 2018 for writing these blogs. 

kundalini kaur kripan

You Need the Right Clothes & Accessories

Creating Kundalini Yoga in a Melrose Avenue bookstore is a text book example of how to create your own religion.  The secret is to first design your own special religious garments and fetish accessories.  Kundalini’s must all wear a ceremonial dagger.  The dagger and turbans fit right into today’s hipster zeitgeist.  Once you get the clothes and accessories right, you can add the violent anti-patriarchal political dogma. 

adarsh kaur khalsa

Hostile Yoga Studios

Now I know why yoga studios are such hostile environments for men.  I don’t want anything from women and now I see how women need me as a hapless pawn eaten up by the #me too movement.  Guru Singh teaches the politics of anti-patriarchy and creates a war-like attitude among war-like women who have been training since birth for battle in the yoga temple.  Now that I have finally realized what is going on, I don’t waste my precious money on yoga classes.  In my old age I get all the yoga that I need online. 

creating kundalini politics   

Sikh Dharma

Yoga Bhajan created his own version of the Sikh religion called Sikh Dharma and he also created his own version of Kundalini Tantra called Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhahan.  Sikh’s wear special white religious garments, ceremonial daggers and turbans.  This is a self-created special and separate class of turban wearing Americans.  If you want to create a religion, do it with designer clothing. 

creating kundalini culture

Creating Kundlaini Spiritual Theatre

Kundalini yoga is dominated by turban wearing women in flowing white outfits creating Kundalini yoga theater in the studio, in the lobby, on the streets and at Sat Nam Festivals.  The kundalini studio is pure spiritual theater.  There are no 21 stages to meditation unless you want there to be 21 stages of meditation.  Mediation is accomplished by contemplating the perfection of the universe and listening to the small still voice within.  I and the father are one.  Meditation is getting still and making bonds with the universe. -Buddha

kundalini spiritual theater

Thanking Adarsh for Liberating Me

Thank you Adarsh Kaur Khalsa and Dya Kaur for ex-communicating me from the Sikh umbrella of belief systems.  I feel much better now.  The reason I am writing this web page is to motivate me to return to my kundalini yoga intensive sadhana.  I think it is important for Yoga West to know that I learned more about Kundalini yoga at the Bay Club and Equinox than I ever did at Yoga West.  Yoga West is not worth the price of admission.  The best thing I got out of it was creating kundalini web pages like this one. 

sikh temple brawling