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The Responsibility of Beauty

creating beauty and love

Creating Love

Creating love and beauty is my new responsibility in life. By becoming the body of Christ I am creating love in everything I do. Love is the most important thing. All you need is love. Love comes before the lover. Creating love is the way to embody love. It’s Sunday and I am creating love content to flavor my world.

creating loveCreating Love Money 

Love does not have to be beautiful. My lovers are never the super beautiful people. I like to get paid by love. Lover’s like to kiss me and be with me because I take my lover’s as they are. By accepting my lover’s the way they are I exercise a lot of social mobility. Creating love is creating life.

Transubstantiationgiphy (2)

I become the body of Christ by the process of transubstantiation. Now that I have my own God I can practice my Catholicism with authenticity. This morning at the Eucharistic Celebration I felt authentically transformed. Oh God hear I am blogging about going to Mass in the Desert. I’m having a full blown mystical experience. Today after Mass was Class Two of my Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister training. My life is radically transforming.

tumblr_n4bd93EdPB1s5xaseo1_400Four years ago I had a Joel S. Goldsmith inspired Christ Consciousness awakening. Now I am having an authentic body of Christ experience practicing the sacrament of Holy Communion. The body of Christ is transubstantiated into symbolic bread. I can feel that now. When I was a kid the same ritual was meaningless. Now that I have God I can experience the mystical body of Christ at Mass.

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A miracle is a change in consciousness. I am experiencing a miracle. I have finally surrendered everything. I resisted total surrender to my detriment. Now surrender seams so required to my overblown lifestyle. I am finding deeper and deeper peace, love and understanding.