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creating multimedia content

Writing Captions in Scrapbooks: How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything


Today is a melancholy day for me.  It is the day after Christmas 2015 and this blog on scrapbooking and creating multimedia content is written for my mom. She was born on Christmas Day and she passed on the day after Christmas.  I always remember her with love and gratitude on this introspective day.  This blog is dedicated to Alice J. McAdams (December 25, 1935 – December 26, 2003) — I love you now more than ever, thank you for the gift of life mom



The Mother of Creating Multimedia Content

The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that thecreating muiltimedia content message form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.


I used to think that learning to read and write music and playing the trumpet and guitar in third grade was my introduction to creating multimedia content as a lifestyle. Now I realize that scrapbooking was really what started it all. When I was a child my mother was always opening my mind to creative expression using arts & crafts in grade school and science projects later on in middle school. She stayed at home until I went off to college and is responsible for turning me into a life long learner who can adapt and evolve with information and technology. 

One Christmas she gave me a scrapbook. She said that she had to teach my younger siblings how to read and that I would just have to write my own book now. I get my glibness from her. Over Christmas vacation our family went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. My scrapbook began with a pink flamingo feather pasted onto heavy gauge construction paper and something I wrote about the feather. My mother taught me how to paste photographs and small objects onto the pages of the book and then think up and write-in captions and a narrative to go with the visuals. I gave my siblings reading lessons so that I could have more of mom for myself. 

Both of my parents were always pushing me to my edge and beyond with my written and oral communications skills. My dad gave me lessons in things like public speaking and creating presentations. My mother was the content creation teacher helping me develop my ability to develop a thesis sentence structure and quote authority with citations and bibliographies to back it up. What I am now doing fifty years later with blogs draws heavily upon fundamental skills that were implanted in me at a very young age by my school teacher parents. My parents would have loved PowerPoint and blogging!

Blogging is a lot like creating multimedia content in a scrap book. Copy writing and editing is in my blood.  Somewhere deep down in my sub-consciousness are my mothers words of instruction. My mother taught me how to contextualize reality and emotion into written expression. Thanks mom. We should have talked a little bit more about the making money part!


creating multimedia content
Creating Multimedia Content With Windows Paint

Creating Multimedia Content Technical Skill Number One: Touch Typing


In her quest to perfect my written communications skills my mom made me take typing class in eight grade. I still get down on my knees and thank her for that to this very day.  (There, I just got down on my knees and thanked mom for making me take typing class).  Touch typing is a very important cross-platform technical skill that is very important in creating multimedia content. Media content creators build by the word and it is important to be able to produce a high volume of quality work product by being a fast clean typist. Sometimes good clean copy writing and editing means being a good clean typist. 


Search Engine Optimization of My Web Pages is a Mythic Quest For Me


I built my first website in 1995 by copying and pasting other programmers HTML.  In those days it was easy to get your website on the search engines. There simply were not that many websites creating multimedia content.  All you need to do was stuff and stack key words, copy and paste other website’s text, and you were search engine optimized.  All you had to do was make sure that your key word: creating multimedia content was displayed prominently enough and the world would come knocking at your door. Things have changed in the world of SEO since then. Now you need to be constantly creating multimedia content that is fresh, exciting and engaging to encourage people to return to your site. 

Twelve years ago I moved to Malibu and began a mythic quest for the holy grail of finding my websites with a number one Page Rank from Google. Page is a person not a piece of paper. Larry Page one of the co-founders of Google. Anyone can build a website these days. My method is to use freelance programmers located overseas. 

One night in 2004 after an AA meeting in Malibu this littler character named CDP, who reminded me a lot of myself with his intensity, walked up to me and asked me to be his AA sponsor.  I worked with him on the program of recovery but he wasn’t really into it. He was the typical Malibu rich kid under the long arm of the law and complying with sobriety to get the heat of his back. One day in Starbucks I was trying to explain the whole concept of God consciousness and cosmic transmutation of sexual energy but the kid just wasn’t into it. 

Remember this is 2004 and this kid is speaking a foreign language to me called SEO. It was another bright and perfect day and I wanted to make money and so I asked him: “Tell me about this search engine optimization work you do.  How do I get my websites on page one of the Google organics?”  KDP started explaining about meta tags, title tags, back links and most importantly key words and content. He explained how everything worked together. I was entranced and took notes on a Starbucks napkin.

KDP explained everything in a concise, easy to remember formula. I took that napkin home and turned it into a career as I taught myself how to dominate searches for paralegal and sober coach. I started out with click and build websites that came free with every domain. I worked my way up to the WordPress CMS platform I use today. My career understanding key words and creating multimedia content all began with those notes on that Starbucks napkin.

I wish I still had that SEO note filled napkin on creating multimedia content. I have since memorized the napkin and every word written upon its sacred brown surface. I would scan that little napkin and post it here like I would paste it into a scrapbook with my mother lovingly watching me from cosmic consciousness.  I am teaching my mother about blogging like she taught me about scrapbooking. Here I am doing what I have always done Mom, I am creating multimedia content by scrapbooking in cyberspace! 


creating digital mass media


Creating Multimedia Content is the New Art Form 


In my opinion rock music and music in general has gotten pretty stale. I am waiting for some music or art creator to come along and really shake things up. But until the do I will try and shake things up here by creating multimedia content. Google Apps has a generic Photoshop application called Pxlr that I want to learn for creating multimedia content. I am opening up my mind to really doing something with blogging. I am inspired by NWA and Straight Outta Compton. When faced with the obstacle called the mainstream recording business black gangsta’s just reinvented music and the music business with rap and hip hop.  Then Steve Jobs threw his co-genius into the mix and outsiders have totally reinvented the music biz by seizing power from the conglomerate monoliths. Thanks to game changers like NWA and Steve Jobs creating multimedia content is new, powerful and exciting.

It has been less than thirty days since I began re-tooling and re-optimizing this site for healthy lifestyle media content creation copy writing. Some of these articles on creating multimedia content are already on page one of the Google organics. I dominate if the word “legal” is typed into the query however that means nothing

Down here at the bottom of this blog I can freely express myself now that I have fully optimized this article to rank for “creating multimedia content”.  This is where I engage you with insight and perception as to the actual mechanics that form seo. By creating multimedia content outbound links that are relevant is very important. The outbound links must be contextual to your key word focus group.


Create Multimedia Content With Contextual Links


Here is a link to a ratings list of free software for creating multimedia content. I can tell you right now that the freeware versions will be very limited. You are better off sticking with Microsoft Paint for creating multimedia content if you don’t have any other programs. Microsoft Paint comes free with every computer. 

The point of this section is to illustrate the importance of the outbound link to the free presentation software and the context of that link to your article. In this example I am writing about the free version of software for creating multimedia content. In fact I found this particular software by Googling: “creating multimedia content.” Always Google your articles key word phrase to find out who is ranking for that query. Learning from your competitors and colleagues is easy to do on the web. All web sites that rank high on search engines serve as teachers for bloggers, web masters and seo gurus trying to become the king of the multimedia hill.

Creating multimedia content that conceptualizes reality for the viewer will keep your audience coming back for more. People learn from stories and they learn from images. People love story images called movies. Movies have the power to create and contextualize an alternate reality. The computer animated science fiction mega movie “Avatar” written and directed by James Cameron comes to mind.  What I am doing here is a story board compared to what can be done by a big budget production. Of course there are intermediate media scales along the way. Digital mass media is scaleable. I am a one man shop. A crew of three or more gathered together can be an awesome multimedia production team. 

A blog like this one is a good place to construct a proto-type or demonstration version of your multimedia product.  Even using your blog for rough ideas is a good one because you want to get your content indexed by the search engines as soon and as often as possible. By publicly posting your ideas other like-minded people can find you and support you. Of course a lot of the people you will want to attract are potential paying customers. The point is if you have an effective blog that will be your best promotion and sales tool.

All I have to do is ask people to Google search terms such as “healthy lifestyle content creator los angeles” or “lifestyle branding content creator los angeles.”  When they see how I dominate page one of Google it changes everything I say. Being number one on Google takes a lot of hard work and knowledge.