Create Your Own Transformational Belief System

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Radical Aliveness Core Energetics is a belief system created by unlicensed behavioral therapist Ann Bradney of Santa Monica, California.  RACE is typical California do-it-yourself quasi-religious navel gazing.  Real Core Energetics was created by Dr. John Perriokas based upon the work of the controversial Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  My exposure to Radical Aliveness Core Energetics came by way of sexological bodyworker Dr. Paul Allen, MD. X

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Create Your Own Beliefs

This reminds me of Kundalini yoga teacher training.  Have the students design the curriculum while the teacher just keeps the energy going.  I learned this technique ten years ago from T. Harv Ecker.  This is known as the call and response form of group training.  Get the group to design the message. 

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Rental Space

The most important thing Ann Bradney does is provide a nice work out space.  Ann is really good at that.  Her studio in Santa Monica is highly desirable.   The most important thing is to have a nice sacred space that you can get energy worked up in.  Get the group energy up so that the group can carry itself. 

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Have the students design design what ever curriculum they are interested in.  I love the way these charlatans just wing it.  It is amazing how many people need something to do on a Saturday night and will come to a Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Community Night.  Ann just started charging $15.00 for her Community Nights.  If I had of known, I would have gone to the free Community Nights earlier this year.  In March 2018 I was staying in a cheap hotel on Venice Blvd. a few blocks from the RACE Community Night at the Tango Studio and I didn’t even go.  I was burned out that Saturday night from taking Kundalini Yoga.

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Belief Systems

Now here it is another Saturday night.  There is a RACE Community Night tonight but I haven’t been to one in over three years.  Community Nights are for beginners.  It would be inappropriate for me to attend a free Community Night.  If I were to continue I should pay to take the certification program.  I feel that I have already studied all the source material and gotten the gist of Core Energetics for free. 

Design your own Hollywood belief system

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