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What is LegalNoodle? LegalNoodle began in 2008 as a website to promote my services as a paralegal in Los Angeles, California. Since then it has evolved into my personal blog. This is where I rant about many different topics that interest me. True crime, law enforcement, mysticism, meditation, Zen Buddhism, Christ consciousness, God, recovery, A.A., etc.

One of my greatest literary influences is the non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. I read Mr. Capote’s novel when I was fourteen years-old and still occasionally reflect upon it to this day. Like the dystopian oeuvre of Capote or a Don DeLillo novel, LegalNoodle is how I make sense of my world.

Don’t ever lie about me because it will always come back to haunt you

In 2003 my backyard neighbors Art & Edie DiMino created vicious rumors about me in my hometown of Tujunga, California. I was sick and tired of adults at that particular point in my life. Little kids in the neighborhood would stop by my front yard and engage me and my dog in conversation. I was hanging out with the kids on Easter Sunday 2003 when when Edie starting spreading lies about me and the children, Craig Green and his little sister Jenna.

Shortly thereafter, my mom died, I got fired from a large insurance company, my wife left me, and then things got worse. I started binging on methamphetamine while fixing up my house to sell so I could finalize my divorce.

With a portion of the windfall profit from the sale of my former marital residence I paid cash for two months in a Malibu rehab and two years in their sober living facility. Then in 2005 at Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous, Astrid Howe also began making up rumors about me and the children of A.A. leaders. Ironically, in 2010, I met real life registered child sex offender/nudist retreat organizer John Herriot. Mr. Herriot inspired my landlord Jeff Cowan to rip me off.

As you can see, my life resembles a non-fiction crime novel. Welcome to LegalNoodle! Please don’t ever mess with me or you just may see your name published here.

The Restraining Order Lie
Created by Charlie Kenyon
& John Herriot

In 2017, I was renting a room in a nice villa in Palm Springs. Jeffrey Robert Cowan was my landlord. He stole my worthless 2007 Nissan Sentra, laptop computer and my flat screen TV. Why did Jeff commit such a lame crime? Despite my explanations and protestations, Jeff mistakenly believed that the “restraining order myth” started by John Herriot and Charles Kenyon, Jr. There never was any such restraining order in existence.

For a very brief amount of time Charlie Kenyon did have a temporary domestic violence restraining order issued against me. Charlie was my landlord in Philadelphia. During the 2014 blizzard named Iona, I was illuminated to the fact that I didn’t want to hang around with Charlie anymore. I decided that I hated living in Pedophilia, the City of Brotherly Love.

So I would pop foolish Charlie on his head with my police flashlight whenever he said anything stupid. Which meant that I was constantly cracking him in the head with my big black Maglite. As a result, Charlie filed a domestic violence temporary restraining order (TRO) against me. All TRO’s come with an automatic 72 hour emergency restraining order prior to a court hearing on the matter.

During the 72 emergency period, I negotiated with Charlie’s attorney and a TRO was never issued against me. Charlie gave me $4,000 and I immediately left the City of Brotherly Love as part of my deal to have the matter dropped. The court approved our deal and there was never a court restraining order issued against me.

Charlie Kenyon is an ignorant little man who started a horrendous chain of events that erroneously turned a 72 hour emergency temporary restraining order issued in Pennsylvania into a non-existent universal restraining order that somehow magically had the legal effect of restraining my liberty in California. John Herriot perpetuated the mythical restraining order by spreading the lie around.

Jeff Cowan ignorantly believed that a non-existent restraining order gave him the right to steal my property and disrespect me. Despite my logical explanations and objections Jeff began a chain of events that led to his eventual downfall. Now 66 year-old Jeffrey Cowan has dug himself into a hole so deep he may never get out.

jeff cowan crime scene
On Saturday August 7, 2021, Jeff had five warrants out for his arrest and he drove down the same street that the police station is located on. He was arrested within a stones throw of the police station. Why didn’t he just drive around the police station? Crazy! Or rather, schizophrenic.

The Metaphysics of Crime & Karma

Jeffrey Robert Cowan has been clinically diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. Sometimes he takes his medication and sometimes he does not. When he got a woman named Wendy Cowan pregnant in 1987, he refused to marry her. When his son Jarrad Cowan was born in 1988, he refused to pay child support. When the court ordered him to pay child support, Jeff changed his last name from Goldhammer to Cowan. The way Jeff treats his family and friends is a crime. Cowan is a cowardly criminal.

Jeff Cowan claims to be an expert concerning the ways of God and karma. And in a way he is! Here is a August 3, 2020 Facebook post that Jeff wrote about his nephew, Orange County Deputy Sheriff Eric Goldhammer:

“I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.” – Jeff Cowan, 8-3-2020
jeff cowan 8-3-2020 facebook post “I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.”

Exactly one year later, on August 3, 2021, Jeff was released after spending over two months in the Riverside County jail for violating court issued restraining orders. “I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.” – Jeff Cowan 8-3-2020

jeff cowan released for crime riverside county jail 8-3-2021

On August 3, 2021 in Department 3T of the Indio Larson Justice Center, Riverside Superior Court, Judge Otis Sterling, III, ordered Jeff to register as a sex offender within five days of being released. Jeff never complied.

crime in lake havasu city jeff cowan's active bench warrants issued 6-11-2021

Five days later, on August 7, 2021, Jeff was re-arrested in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Five outstanding bench warrants were issued by the Lake Havasu City Municipal Court for failure to appear on charges related to theft, harassment of minor children and insubordination in open court. “I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.” – Jeff Cowan 8-3-2020

lake havasu city crime event search jeff cowan arrested 8-7-2021

During Jeff’s five days of freedom he failed to register as a sex offender as ordered by the Riverside Superior Court. The penalties for failing to register as a sex offender within the time proscribed by the law are severe. Jeff and his legal problems have become just like a snowball rolling into hell. “I guess God has a way of getting even with those who fail to show respect for others and their property.” – Jeff Cowan 8-3-2020

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I have taken the liberty of informally preregistering Jeff as a sex offender on this website because he was unable to officially register himself with Mojave County due to his being re-arrested!

jeff cowan sex offender preregistration
Where to find child sex traffickers: CMEN

One of the main reasons that this true crime website exists is to explain child sex trafficking by youth baseball uniform salesmen John Herriot, Jeff Cowan, Rich Boehle, Charlie Kenyon and their associates.

Mr. Herriot is a registered pedophile residing in West Hollywood and he also owns homes in Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, California; and Whispering Oaks, Tennessee. Don’t just take my word for it, search for John Herriot on the Megan’s Law website and Google his criminal record on the Los Angeles Times.

crime of child sex trafficking by john herriot

Here is a basic online detective tool for investigation of John Herriot or anyone else whom you need information on. Just type your person of interest into any of the free reverse whois lookup sites on the web. You can find out who owns that domain name. A few years ago the name John Herriot brought up approximately ten domains owned by Mr. Herriot. After this investigation he began paying twenty dollars per year to have each domain name privately registered, just as this LegalNoodle website does. However by examining the list below you will be able to ascertain that Herriot still has one very interesting domain that is still active and that is number 4, the last domain on this list.

reverse whois lookup john herriot's youth league baseball uniform domain names

Mr. Herriot is still using as bait for his child sex trafficking business in West Hollywood. Mr. Herriot has now put ownership of most of his domain names in other peoples names and privately registered his domain accounts by proxy. At one point Herriot owned several other little league baseball uniform domains. Also at one time Herriot had, other gay nudist and gay square dancing website domains registered in his name.

John Herriot has been spreading false allegations that there is a restraining order against this website and that is why this website publishes this private citizen issued restraining order against Mr. Herriot.

gay sex offender john herriot restraining order issued by legalnoodle

CRIME TIP: How do John Herriot and other gay child sex traffickers in West Hollywood identify each other?

pedophile symbols