Criminal Expungement is for Cleaning Up Your Own Record Not Getting a Third Party Out of an ICE Investigation

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Criminal Expungement is Only for Convicted Felons Who Are Serious About Becoming Law Abiding Citizens


Criminal expungement is not to use for your girlfriend’s brother’s immigration problems with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Using the expungement procedure to circumvent federal law is a crime.  Criminal expungement is for repentant, redeemed and reformed middle-aged men who are serious about becoming productive members of society.

Expungement is not for immigrants who have pending and ongoing criminal investigations with federal marshals and other law enforcement crime scene investigators. Third parties should not attempt to use expungement to circumvent federal law either. If you have complex expungement problems and questions then please contact an active member of the State Bar of California.   

Our criminal expungement services are only for the individual requesting the expungement. The criminal law court forms for obtaining a criminal dismissal must be signed by the person convicted of the misdemeanor or felony California Penal Code violation. Expungement is a sacrosanct privilege and a right. Criminal expungement should never be used by third parties to circumvent federal immigration laws.


Criminal Expungment Paralegal: Out on the Front Lines


This afternoon’s coffee break paralegal blog is for Ms. Gloria Gonzalez (not her real name) and her boyfriend S. Marc Goldstein (not his real name). These two were going to drive up to Yucca Valley from Los Angeles to talk to be about a bogus criminal expungement. They wanted to expunge all of the criminal convictions of El Lobo (not his real name either), currently in federal detention in Chicago, IL. 

These two wanted to use, and abuse, a certified paralegal or legal document assistant to expunge in attempt to circumvent federal incarceration by the United States Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Does that sound scary to you? That sounds very scary to me.

No paralegal or LDA should ever touch that type of potential immigration fraud with a ten foot pole. Paralegals and LDA’s should stay away from immigration law if they do not know it in detail as a qualified, certified, or bonafide immigration paralegal. The paralegal is dealing with an immigrants right to be in this country legally. That is a very serious legal and ethical responsibility. You are conducting legal business with a human beings freedom, health and well being at stake. 

I had to explain to Mr. Goldstein several different ways that it was extremely unethical, inappropriate, illegal, criminal and just downright wrong to attempt to use felony criminal expungement to get someone out of jail.

Please do not attempt to use legal document assistants to do an end run around the federal government. Paralegals and LDA’s must maintain high ethical and moral standards to maintain licensing and registration. Paralegals and legal document assistants must also take mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) to maintain professional certified paralegal status with attorney and law firms.


Paralegal in Southern California


It is amazing how far and wide people will drive out from LA and Riverside to have me help solve their legal problems with assistance filling out their QDRO divorce court forms, ex parte motions and pleadings. I prefer to do flat rate discovery packages with all drafts and revisions being done online. I need to market myself more as a virtual paralegal. Many clients prefer to call me a virtual or mobile online email fax paralegal.

I service Los Angeles, Riverside, Palm Springs and San Diego as a registered legal document assistant specializing in divorce and expungement, and a a certified paralegal specializing in personal injury and contract law litigation. Lawsuits are what I do best. Discovery and investigation is my main skill set as a contract litigation paralegal. I do fast cheap criminal record clearing for a minimum fee to give back to the community as quasi-pro bono work. 


Criminal Expungement Legal Advice From an Attorney


The only thing I could do for Mr. Goldstein was inform him that I am not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice to lay people. Dealing with lay men and lay women is part of problem solving as a freelance paralegal in Southern California. A good paralegal must be resourceful. The best contract paralegals are resourceful and inventive. I wrote this article to recoup the legal work product paralegal billing I lost with my lay people by turning their third party interloping upon American Criminal Jurisprudence into a five hundred word article about working as an independent LDA in Southern California. It’s hot. It’s cookin.’ 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.